Make 11 Android

Make 11 Android

Make 11 by zplay . (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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is the synthesis of game of a unique, creative, digital box through the ingenious arrangement strategy to game player is 11 victory! The game screen minimalist, approachable, creative play while retaining the primitive core synthesis of the game, game player to bring a richer more attractive puzzle leisure exp
The minimalist UI layout, touch click convenient, 《Make11》 redundant elements of the game all removed, retains the core gameplay, game player can make this world more intuitive in-depth synthesis. During the game, game player can choose the position of digital synthesis, not on the board, has a higher degree of freedom. At the same time, the screen will be given 4 pre drop box tip player to figure out the layout, so that the game is more strategic, so the challenge is more interesting!
You play.
By adjusting the position of the number drop, two and more than two of the same number can be synthesized, each synthesis will add a number of size, until the fill screen. Achievement display in the game when the digital +1 trigger, display the goal and prompt to upgrade, to encourage players to better complete the challenge. With a more sophisticated synthesis techniques, in addition to the challenge of rising difficulty mode, you can also compete with the world’s players in the rankings!
This difficulty.
After th completion of a number of digital box synthesis, will unlock a new game mode and play, scoring increased challenge also increased. In 《Make11》, the three difficulty modes not only meet the adorable new game player to try his hand, let God enjoy high-end high ceiling puzzle challenge. Ultimate mode of endless play more with sense, no breath of digital synthesis across the peak limit of mental turmoil, and ultimately will give players a higher level of gaming pleasure and achievement!

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