Magic Burns 9 Times

At the beginning of the story, a mascot of a different world came to modern times. In order to find someone who could assist him, I met the girl who had tied the two ponytails in her destiny. She was just looking for a mascot of the elite troops. As a result, under the yin and yang, a situation in which everyone is motivated has become a situation. All the people present have become magical girls. Together, in order to carry out the courage of love and peace, they formed a magical girl squad to fight the invading monster.

Game features:

Everyone is a magical girl: collecting the citizens, increasing their strength, and fighting against the monsters together.

Fighting the magic with the characteristics of the magic: knowing yourself and knowing each other, winning every battle, the magical things have their own characteristics, understanding the characteristics will be more conducive to fighting

Formations and skills make the battle more interesting: during the battle, you can change the formation and match the defense or attack to make the battle more challenging.

Battle maps with well-known landmark buildings: The battle map of the game will have the opportunity to encounter buildings that will be seen in real life, such as the Hong Kong Bank of China Building, Taipei Railway Station, and Tokyo Tower.

Cultivate the character and enhance the strength: With your own magical girl partner, and training and upgrading, it will enhance the stronger combat power and advance toward the title of the most powerful magical girl.

A variety of game modes: PVP, dungeon, endless, cat catching mouse, defensive… different modes that are different from different games, will bring you a new game experience

There are no limit network stalks, eggs, let you laugh and play: there are a variety of eggs buried in the game, through a variety of character dialogues, skills, and various objects within the game, let the players smile.

Ready to fight with your magical girl army? Join the magical world of magical burning nine!

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