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Monsters and evil demons have come to wreak havoc upon the people of the Earth. Control your hero to defend them in this cool 3D mobile game called Mage and Minions. There are 2 different kinds of characters in this game and each character has their own unique set of skills and abilities. Control your character and go to each level and then defeat all the enemies. Once you have eliminated all the enemies, the level will be then completed. Open up treasure chests and unlock new weapons and armors for your character. These equipment can be upgraded too and make your hero stronger.

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Mage and Minions features an intense and exciting action packed rpg where you need to battle Ragadam and his forces to stop their evil plans against the entire universe, their evil plans are apocalyptic in nature and if you don’t stop them, they will ravage the planets and burn them to the ground, it won’t be easy though as Ragadam’s forces are seemingly endless in number, they are very ruthless and will follow and enforce their master’s will no matter what happens, indeed, you’ll need to get all the help you can get to be able to stop his marauding forces…and help you shall get, you’ll need to scour the lands in search for your companions and bring them to the battlefield to help you out in your task against the evil army, there are also a lot of weapons and armor in the game, each one of them having their own upgrade, that’s besides the the magic spells that you can unleash against your enemies, you’ll be well equipped for sure, but you can’t let your guard down though as you’ll be fighting against evil creatures such as skeletons, beasts, demons, dragons, even robots and aliens, so come on and join the adventure, defend the lands from Ragadam’s evil forces and stop their apocalyptic plans once and for all here in Mage and Minions.

Graphics and Sound

Mage and Minions features stunning graphics, the character designs that are featured in the game are truly awesome, they really look very cool and have very high details, the environments are cool too, the different locations all have beautiful and intricate designs that are really pretty and very nice to look at, the colors used are great by the way, the game has very nice color combinations that makes the game even more beautiful, not to mention that the colors are truly vivid and sharp starting from the characters to the environments in the game, the animations are also great, the character movements are smooth all throughout, the music and sounds used in the game are also great, the game’s soundtrack is engaging and adds up to the excitement when playing the game while the sound effects are also quite varied, you will hear a lot of battle sounds when the combat starts, special effects are stunning by the way, the special visuals associated with the different weapons and attack moves certainly look stunning and flashy, overall, the game looks really pretty, it has awesome designs and cool presentations.


Mage and Minions is first and foremost a dungeon crawler, and as such, you will be exploring a lot of dungeons and fight a lot of evil creatures, the battles are almost non stop by the way, and the enemies will get tougher as you progress through the game, this is why you need to upgrade everything you have, starting from your weapons and armor, special skills and abilities, even your magic spells and your companions, controls are easy to learn by the way, all it takes are taps and swipes to play the game to the end.


Mage and Minions has stunning graphics for you to behold, there are a lot of weapons and armor for you to procure, a lot of special skills that you need to develop, a lot of magic spells for you to learn, and most of all, the game has easy to learn controls for everyone to enjoy.


Mage and Minions is quite fun to play and really challenging too, it is just like your typical rpg where you need a lot of things to develop and level up, if you enjoy role playing games, you should definitely check this one out.


Download Mage and Minions Game (Android & iOS)

Free Mage and Minions Game (Android & iOS)