Mad City The Whizz Boy (by ZULU)

Download Mad City The Whizz Boy (by ZULU) for Android…

Friday night, best time of the week. Do you want to know how unusual killer spend his time with his magnificent girlfriend, the sniper rifle?

Game features
Big open world
Choice freedom
Beautiful graphics, your eyes going to love it
Perfect optimization
Various graphics settings
Particular car types
Individual gun arsenal
Mad plot line
Interesting secondary missions
You’ll love the characters

Looks and temper can be deceiving. I think you couldn’t see a cold-blooded killer in hipster, that likes guns and, especially, his rifle with 16x scope, that rips enemies like a beast.
You’ll playing as contract killer, that takes various contracts and rips enemies individually. You have many ways to solve this contracts. Perform crazy actions, abandon mafia and make your own rules at the city.
If you feel a lack of money or solve the main plot line you’re always able to check out secondary line with delivering missions.