Lord of Dungeons Android

Lord of Dungeons Android

Lord of Dungeon is a manage-and-collect game developed by Two Hands Games that you can manage your own town and dungeons so that eventually you become the emperor of the world.

■ l You can focus on money making to be the most wealthy Lord or collecting unique champions mightiest Lord in the world – It is your choice

■ Features:

● Unique Genre
Brand New Dungeon & Town Management Game

● Economic System
The law of supply and demand is actually working in the game

● Management
Dungeons and towns are waiting for you to be ruled

● Capture Monsters
Your favorite monsters are working for you.

● Free Trade
You can trade your resources to earn more money via Auction

● Arena
Challenge yourself in the arena to reveal you are the true ruler of the world

● All Connected
You have to consider all factors to be an Emperor

Brand New Dungeon management game
Lord of Dungeons!

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