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Go even wilder in the wild west as you play with these cute characters trying to solves the mysteries in their town. Help these cute shooters in this RPG themed mobile game called Little Bandits. Your mission here is to control your character on the field and go to each level. The level are enemies blocking your path and you must defeat them in order to get through. The battle is a turn-based system and you should plan your skills to win each battle. Don’t forget to build up your town so you can upgrade your cowboys and bandit heroes.

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Little Bandits is an action packed adventure game that has you exploring the wild west, the story goes that the townsfolk have been mysteriously disappearing for quite some time now and it will be up to you to uncover the mystery behind it all, you will be scouring the uncharted regions of the wild west with bad guys and engage them in a battle of epic proportions, it won’t be easy though as there’s a lot of them out there and you’ll need to eliminate them all in order to unravel the secrets behind the mysterious disappearances, you’ll need to build your own town from scratch and recruit heroes of varying skills and abilities if you ever hope to stand a chance against the forces of evil, there are aslo different structures you need to build, each one of them vital to your survival and your missions, there are 4 factions of heroes you can choose from in the game, they are the Wardens, the Outlaws, the Scholars, and the Explorers, you can choose your faction and them upgrade them to the max, and if you get tired of playing solo, head online and engage in PvP battles against other players all over the world, so come on and join the adventure and see if you have what it takes to unravel the mysteries here in Little Bandits.

Graphics and Sound

Little Bandits has very pretty graphics, the designs used in the game are cute and really quite attractive, te characters are small by the way and have nice details, the environments too are looking great, the different locations in the game have very nice designs that truly look quite distinct from each other, the colors that were used in the game are also very nice, there’s lots of variety and everything’s just looking bright and vivid, the animations are also very nice, movements are smooth from the characters to the moving parts, everything just looks fluid, the music and sounds are also quite cool, the game’s sound effects are cool to the ears and the sound effects that were used are also great, it is varied and abundant, the special effects are great in this game, the weapon fire and the special abilities have such pretty visuals during the battles which greatly makes it exciting to play, overall, the game is really looking great due toits awesome designs and cool presentations.


Little Bandits is a very nice and challenging action packed adventure game, you’ll need to recruit heroes and form your own party, you also need to build your own town here, this is where your heroes can do upgrades and make them stronger and more effective against the enemies, you also need to be strategic here, you need to mix and max your heroes abilities to make a balanced offense and defense, you also need to consider the town you are building, you should build the structures accordingly and upgrade them as necessary as this will serve as your headquarters and is quite important to the quest.


Little Bandits features beautiful graphics, there are a variety of heroes that you can choose from, a lot of structures to build and a variety of locations to explore, and it has an internet support for PvP battles against your friends all over the world.


Little Bandits is quite fun but it’s also quite a challenge, there are’s really a lot to do here from the building of the town to the recruitment and upgrading of the heroes…not to mention the battle itself, check it out, this is fun.


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