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The land is now being covered in war because of the bad and nasty demons. Summon your warrior to fight them all here in Legendary Warrior – A nice side-scrolling mobile game with lots of action and adventure. Select a stage or area on the map and fight the monsters that will appear. There is a fixed amount of enemies you must defeat to complete the level. Your character can also gain level and you will be able to unlock new powerful skills. The game also features equipment system that can help you put on the best armor and weapons for your warrior.

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Legendary Warrior is an action packed and challenging game where you need to fight the forces of evil, you will take control of Hector, a strong and powerful warrior, and you’ll need to battle different creatures and monsters to cleanse the kingdom of all the monstrosities that plague it, it will not be easy battling these evil creatures as they are really strong and powerful, but being a hero as you are…you’ll do it anyway as the fate of the entire kingdom lies on your shoulders, not to worry too much though as Hector is also quite a powerful warrior, and he’ll get even stronger as you gain experience in the battles, he is also armed with a variety of weaponry and armor which features a lot of upgrades to make him stronger and more effective against the enemies that you will encounter, you can’t be too confident though as there are also some boss battles in the game besides the regular ones, the game features 30 maps for you to survive by the way, each one of them designed to test your fighting skills, you get to engage 5 normal monster maps and a boss map after that…so gear up, put on your weapons and armor and start slashing the enemies to pieces here in Legendary Warrior.

Graphics and Sound

Legendary Warrior features some very nice graphics and cool visual designs, the characters in the game were designed in a cartoony manner and looked quite pretty, details are also very nice which makes the game quite appealing, environments are great too, the different locations in the game features various landscape that make it quite distinct and different from each other, the color schemes are also great, it has cool color combinations that certainly made the game much prettier and nicer to look at, the game animations and movements are also great, the enemies in the game have very nice animations and the character certainly is quite smooth when it comes to movements, you’ll surely notice it once you start playing the game, music and sounds are cool too, the game’s soundtrack is pretty engaging that certainly ups the excitement and the sound effects are awesome, varied and also made the game much more exciting to play, special effects are quite stunning by the way, the game sure is a visual feast especially when the battle starts and you start using character weapons and special abilities, overall, the game really looks quite pretty due to its cool designs and awesome presentations.


Legendary Warrior is a nice action packed fighting game where you will be fighting a variety of monsters, you will start with easy fights but will eventually step up a notch as you finish some levels, there are a lot of weapons and armor that you can use and some special skills that can help you out against the enemies, controlling the game is fairly easy too, there are is a left and right arrow on the left to control character movement and on the right are the jump and attack buttons as well as special abilities buttons, quite simple for everyone to use.


Legendary Warrior has some beautifully designed graphics, there are a lot of weapons and armor in the game, lots of enemies to fight, some special abilities and cool powerups and the game has easy to learn control to make it more fun.


Legendary Warrior was quite a challenge, the stronger your character gets, the more powerful the enemies you will be facing off, check it out guys, this is really fun to play.


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