Legend of sword king – Android

Legend of sword king – Android

Legend of Sword King is an innovative ACT Card Mobile game.
It blends Cards Cultivation and real time Level Clearing.
Simple and exciting sliding screen mode, creative floating mechanism. Users can not only pick up quickly, but also get the coolest experience!

Legend of sword king Feature :
【Creative combined attack and floating combo】
Cast unique skills to avoid attacks of Boss by simple operation. Combine the strategies and various fighting forms into one!Present a distinctive game fighting experience.With a variety of unique hero skills, you can come up with more combinations.

【Coolest Heroes】
Beautiful cartoon style render, smooth bone animation and advanced real time attack calculation. All those current leading development technologies will help in shaping the brand new heroes.

【Various Competition for all Servers】
●「Group Battle」: Competing in Ranking match to claim the limited weekly reward.
●「Heroes’ Tournament」:Tournament between all servers. Form a team and compete for the first prize!To be the king of kings.
●「Guild War」: The horn of war has sounded. Join this war with your guild companions, and start a new chapter.
●「TO Be No.1」: The Overlord reappears to dominate this world.
●「Conquest between Servers」: Duels between servers; to be the lord of the world by conquering!

【More enriched Systems】
There are various modes in the game including “Divine Weapon Possession”, “Fairyland Contest”, “Jade Mill”, “Treasure Cave” and “Tower Infinity”. Just wait for you!
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Genre(s) : Role Playing
Subcategories : ACT Card
Require internet connection : Yes (Online)
Size : 327 MB (Apk+Data Download)
Date Released : 2018-06-05
Platforms: Android
Developed By : So Fun So Hard
Languages : English
Requirements: 4.0 and up

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