Legacy of Atlantis Android / iOS

Legacy of Atlantis Android / iOS Free

Legacy of Atlantis Gameplay mobile app game by VALOFE & NEXON RED on iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android Gameplay Trailer. HD video walkthrough of Legacy of Atlantis : Beginning of Division Game App.

The Search for Atlantis!
Decendents of Atlantis! We must find the lost memories!
Where can we find the road to Atlantis that was lost long ago?
Can Atlantis be mythical legend created by man?
Build a team of Mercenaries who will follow you every step of the way!

▶ CREATE MAYHEM in the battlefield alongside your MERCENARIES with a combination of REAL-TIME ACTION, TEAM STRATEGY with the MERCENARY TAGGING SYSTEM .
▶ CRAFT your way to the top by making the STRONGEST GEAR with your friends and guild members!
▶ MEET and FIGHT alongside unique and powerful HEROES from ATLANTIS.
▶ EMPOWER your mercenaries’ RANKS to their MAXIMUM POTENTIAL!
▶ CREATE your own strategies with a DIVERSE combination of teams.
▶ CHALLENGE yourself by fighting your way through RAID BOSSES in a grand scale!

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