LA Crime Stories 4 New Order Sandbox (by Extereme Games)

Download LA Crime Stories 4 New Order Sandbox (by Extereme Games) for Android…

Welcome to LA Crime! It’s a big city, that don’t like lovers of calm and peaceful life. With a little help of a gang wars for their territories, life in the city is always a fight for a better place!

LA Crime-series is taking standards from posh and vicious L.A. Here you can find whatever crime legend want: incredible choice of cars, bikes and boats, with realistic physics.

LA Crime always attracts scum, that tries illegally earn money, you can meet here gansters from all over the World, with their own crime M.O. Try not to drown in this city, that evolved in Stories 4 New order! New textures in game makes LA Crime live and dynamic and brings to you the realistic city where the action is and sins are waiting for you at every corner. Complete story tasks in the new city districts, enjoy a new graphic of the winter city, dive in an atmosphere of a winter holidays. Compete all gangs, become a city owner and don’t give any chances to developing gangs.

Game features
– Improved graphic cars and character models
– Full freedom of choice
– Enormous options of guns
– Huge amount of a gameplay
– Android TV support
– You can play without internet
– Added extra choices of image setting
– The coolest races in missions

Don’t even think about tranquil coming home after work, world’s gangs are waiting for you at LA Crime stories 4 New Order. Take your smartphone and start solving every questions in the world – few grenades and bazooka will help you with it!