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Kung-Fu Rabbit Game (Android & iOS) Free

Somewhere on a far away land, cute rabbits are living in peace and training their skills in kung fu. But an evil force has kidnapped all of these rabbits. Save them and use your kung fu skills here in Kung Fu Rabbit. The mission assigned to you is to control your master rabbit and save the students in each level. They are located somewhere on the platforms. Avoid falling into the pits or getting hit by the black creatures. You will find some carrots along the way. Be sure to collect as many carrots as you can and trade them in the dojo for some new equipment.

Android – https://goo.gl/BxyJcQ
iOS – https://goo.gl/X1vJMt


Kung Fu Rabbit is an exciting and fun filled adventure game where you need to control a rabbit to battle evil and save the little rabbits from their abductors, the story goes that the universal evil has invaded the earth and has kidnapped all the students in the temple, it is now up to you as their teacher to go after the enemies and save the students one by one, you can use your combat abilities and agile skills jumping from one roof to another, slide gracefully and sneak behind your enemies before shredding them to pieces, it won’t be easy but it will be fun battling the baddies and saving the day, there are 70 levels for you to traverse, each one full of different traps and obstacles and enemies as well, you’ll need to employ your precision jumping skills, logic and even your combat skills to conquer the levels and defeat the evil within, indeed, it’s going to be a tough job saving the little ones from the clutches of evil, no worries though as there are a lot of unlockable items to customize your rabbit, thereby making it stronger and more powerful against the enemies, so come on and join the adventure, play the game and find out just how far you are willing to do for the little rabbits here in Kung Fu Rabbit.

Graphics and Sound

Kung Fu Rabbit has cute and colorful graphics, the character models in the game are cartoony, not really that much detailed but still looked pretty, the environments are nice by the way, it has varied and detailed structures and lush vegetation, the different locations have their own unique designs and looked truly different from the others, colors are great, everything looks bright and vivid and quite cool to the eyes, animations are also nice, the character movements are smooth making it fun to move the character around, music and sounds are great, the game music is nice and the sound effects are cool too, special effects are great too, nothing really fabulous but generally pretty throughout the game, overall, the game is quite beautiful with its cartoony and kiddie designs.


Kung Fu Rabbit is an action platforming game, and as such, you will be running and jumping across the levels to evade obstacles and battle the enemies, there are many enemies in the levels you need to eliminate, you need to use precision jumping to evade their attacks, and if for any reason you managed to get your character killed, no worries as you will stat from the last checkpoint, not at the start of the level, there are carrots to be collected in every level, collect them all and then use them later at the dojo to buy special items for your character, these special items provides special powers or abilities that will help you out in your quest to save the students, controls are simple and easy to use, there is a left and right arrow on the left side of your screen to control movements and the jump button is on the right, very simple for everyone to enjoy.


Kung Fu Rabbit features kiddie designs and cartoony graphics, there are 70 challenging levels in all, each one designed to test your mettle, there are 15 unlockable items in the game to help you in your quest, and the game has simple controls to make it more fun to play.


Kung Fu Rabbit is quite nice and challenging, the learning curve is easy though, the game will make you start out easy and then gradually give you nice challenges as you move up the levels, check it out and have some fun.


Download Kung-Fu Rabbit Game (Android & iOS)

Free Kung-Fu Rabbit Game (Android & iOS)