KNIGHTS is a minimalist puzzle game based on a single chess piece, the titular knight. A simple enough to pick up and relaxing experience.

The goal for each level is to set each of the colored knights into a space of their corresponding color.

Forethought and future planning are key abilities to master for later puzzles. New ways to tackle a problem will gradually evident as the game progresses, allowing several solutions for the same puzzle.


Key Features

– Nearly a hundred hand crafted levels.
– Minimalist art style for user-friendly experience.
– An infinite amount of procedurally-generated levels, released every day.
– Selectable color-blind friendly palette.
– Relaxing soundtrack and sound effects to delve into the experience.
– Simple gameplay for anyone to pick up and play.


Special Thanks

To everyone that gave their support and feedback in the making of this project. And a special thanks to YOU, for taking your time to view KNIGHTS.

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