King of Duel – Android/iOS

King of Duel – Android/iOS

Welcome to King of Duel! Amazing duel customized for touch screens and on-the-go play. Collect battle cards to build your Deck and fight other monsters and duelists. Your exhilarating journey starts here!

■ Iconic monsters and battle
Over 100 classic monsters with unique skills and talents are available. Summon iconic monsters from the Deck. Develop their unique skills and take them to new heights. Moreover, the classic battle mode brings you back to your wonderful childhood memories.

■ Exhilarating duels
You will meet millions of duelists from all over the world. Compete with them for the supreme honor. Rank up yourself in Arena and win plentiful rewards. You will be the next Game King!

■ Build the most powerful deck
Strengthen your monsters from many different aspects: leveling, skills, equipment, and more. And bring them into the real duels. Pay attention that monster formation and position make a big difference for the strategic duels.

■ Cooperate with friends and defeat world boss
Challenge the evil world boss with your friends. Unleash the most destructive skills to deal as much damage as you can. The more damage you dealt, the better rewards you’ll gain!

Genre(s) : Role Playing
Subcategories : rpg games
Require internet connection : Yes (Online)
Size : 190 MB
Date Released : 2018-06-07
Platforms: iOS and Android
Developed By : neteeebe
Languages : English
Requirements: 2.3 and up

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