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He is one king you don’t want to mess with. He can destroy anything in this fun puzzle and physics game called King Oddball. What you must do here is really simple – to eliminate the tanks and human soldiers on the platforms. You can do this by hurling or throwing the boulders at them. Once you have eliminated all the enemies, the level will be completed. But if you ran out of boulders or rocks and there are still enemies, you will fail. Try to perform combos to get a golden boulder. Move on the maps and see if you can become the king of the world.

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King Oddball is a physics based game where you get to crush tanks, attack helicopters, even buildings and many more, using the King Oddball’s tongue, indeed the puny humans are at the brink of extinction and you’re to crush them all using one tap controls. it won’t be that easy though as the laws of gravity is at play, you need to throw the boulders accurately and time them perfectly to be able to get the job done. And if your good enough, you just might conquer the human world and claim it as your own. The game features a total of 120 challenging levels for you to complete, each one filled with different war machines and even buildings for you to destroy, not to mention that there are also 16 achievements available for you to unlock. There are three giant rocks available for you to use in each level, use them accurately tom destroy everything the humans will throw at you, there are also explosive crates available to help you out and if you use them optimally together with the boulders, you just might reign supreme at the end of the game. So come on and join the fun, see if you have the skill to end the human existence here in King Oddball.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics is nice and the character designs are somewhat odd, especially the main character, the King Oddball looks like a moon wearing a helmet and having a long tongue…perhaps even too long. The details are nice too, although it’s not really that high. The game environments are simple but cool, it features a variety of locations where you need to do battle, there are different backdrops too, some feature mountains, lush vegetation and many more. The colors are nice too, the color schemes used are just right and suits the game designs just fine. The animations and movements are cool too, the movements are great and really physics based, while the animation of the moving parts are simple but really fluid. Music and sound is also nice although there’s really anything spectacular about it, somehow it still got the job done as it really added to the fun factor the game has. Special effect are very simple, but the explosions are nice enough and the physics effects are truly accurate. Overall, the designs are simple but considering the concept of the game, it still looked pretty cool.


The game is simple and physics based as mentioned earlier, all you have to do is to throw huge rocks and boulders at the attacking humans and their war machines to take them down for good, you are only give three rocks in every level but you get the chance to earn more by making combos, you need to calculate the trajectory of the rocks accurately before releasing them thereby maximizing the effects, controls are also simple and easy, all it takes is a single tap on the screen to release the rocks and boulders.


King Oddball features simple graphics, it also has 120 challenging levels that you need to complete, including a total of 16 achievements for you to unlock, it also features very simple single tap controls to play the game to the end.


Great game and really very simple to play, it is not that easy though and it will take you some time before you master it, it also has a certain level of oddity in it as the gameplay is really different, if you are looking for an unusual game to play, check this one out, you’ll love it for sure


Download King OddBall Game (Android & iOS)

Free King OddBall Game (Android & iOS)