Killer of Evil Attack – Best Survival Game (by Trend Entertainment Games)

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Killer of Evil Attack is a search and adventure game where you have to find a book from a mysterious mansion and break out of a series of rooms using clues and items. Your task is to raise the curse of the neighborhood and get rid of evil spirits. You are the hero of the escape from the blood-killer with magical powers. A whole new survival survival simulator game for survival lovers filled with horror and paranormal. If he catches you, he’ll kill you. There are many scary, scary activities in the rival’s bad mansion. There are homes haunted by a living devil. Survival in this desert is difficult. Breakout with this mysterious evil village horror and monster neighbors. If you like horror games with unexpected turns, you’ll love this adventure game. This hero, the escape from the killer, is very demanding and engaging. Do you have what it takes to face the supernatural and inferior powers?
The epic hero escapes safely from home and solves the secret of the court and uses everything that can be found to survive as a legend. Staying here will not be a simple task. Only you can escape this city to become a superhero. Play the killer of the evil survival mission and get ready to find the tools and resources to help you escape. Keep the tips and battery on your flashlight to survive. Survive the dangers of dark evil and escape from this incredible mansion. Do not let your fear beat you and get home before you miss anything. Clear all the missions and survive in a bad estate. This haunted mansion is dark and deserted, and no resident is visible anywhere. Now you have to fight and fight for your life if you want to survive! The mission of survival is to find guidance to escape and survive. Killer bad adventure adventure is about to start in this survival game. Your colony survival is only possible if you win the battle by jungle as an incredible hero in the survival game.
Play & Story Line: Survival Island plane, we have to find our friends we lost during a dead plane strike, we went home in the village and found a book Shaintic. Get out of the mansion and hear the horrible sounds of a girl eating a stag after having seen her run, follow her, but disappears, and after long searches she has come up and attack us, we need to find a shotgun to kill. To another cave to find our friends, but also their dead strike starts with the big monster and the killings of monsters kills them in the killer evil game involving the attack. Then he woke up in the mansion, trying to get out of the room, some of them are swarming in their house, go through them, find your friend and run away from the bad manor and become an amazing hero.
Special extras
Amazing 3D haunted Mansion
Interesting games
Smooth and intuitive control
Great and high quality 3D graphics
Powerful and challenging missions
Enchanted music and sounds
Collect batteries to stay alive