Kebab World – Cooking Game iOS / Android

Kebab World – Cooking Game iOS / Android Free

Kebab World – Cooking Game Gameplay mobile app game by Hammurabi Games on iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android Gameplay Trailer. HD video walkthrough of Kebab World – Cooking Game App.

Have a delicious journey across Turkey! Develop your cooking skills through an epic exploration of traditional Turkish cuisine. Prepare, cook, serve and satisfy your customers, keep them happy to make more money!

Learn how to prepare traditional Turkish recipes such as: shish kebab, chicken shawarma, Turkish pita, and authentic seafood dishes. There is something for everyone’s liking. Find out which one will be your favorite!

120 episodes spread into 3 locations in Turkey are waiting for you to discover them. Experience the joy of preparing the traditional flavours in diverse restaurants ranging from Mediterranean to Black Sea cuisine, from s Turkish flatbread joints to Kebab houses.

Jazz up your kitchen with upgrades, and boost your cooking skills with numerous improvements! From professional cooking pans to advanced beverage stations, you can upgrade tools and ingredients for your restaurant. Better quality ingredients and appliances lead to greater variety of dishes and happier customers with more money!

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