Karma. Incarnation 1. (by Other Kind Games Limited)

Download Karma. Incarnation 1. (by Other Kind Games Limited) for Android


This original adventure game depicts the love story of two beautiful souls through surprising humor and a chimeric, hand-drawn and animated single-frame world. Our beloved hero has been kidnapped by evil spirits and the only way to regain it is to reincarnate in the world in the form of a dragon to conquer evil. Something went wrong and the soul of the hero turned into a black man named Pip. Now Pip must overcome all the difficulties of the surreal world, solve complex puzzles and save your beloved ones. By making a choice between good and evil, Pip learns the laws of Karma, and his decisions influence the plot of the game.

NOTE: The game is available as a free app. However, after going through the first few levels, you will need to make an internal one-off payment to continue the game and gain access to the rest of the content.

• Explore the rich, surreal world of gaming with Pip.
• Use Astral Sight, a power that will allow you to peer into the spirit world at any point in the game.
• Learn the laws of Karma through your own choices and actions. Every bad deed pains Pip and changes its appearance. Good deeds cleanse karma. Key heroes react differently to Pip’s karma, discovering alternative storylines.
Hand-drawn animations for all Pipa’s interactions with his strange surroundings. The whole world of games and heroes are animated separately for each individual situation.
• Live, magical soundtrack and award-winning ZMEIRADUGA music

• Intel Level Up Competition: Best Graphic Design
• Intel Level Up Competition: Best soundtrack
• India Game Cup: Best Role Playing Game
• India Cup Game: Best Unity Game
• DevGAMM: Excellent soundtrack
• DevGAMM: Excellent game design
• India Prize: The Most Promising Game of Preparation
• India Prize: Best in Show: Critics Choice
• NextCastle: The best game on the show