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Jungle Adventures Boy Of World this game bring back memories of old school arcade games with numerous adventure. World of this game contains well designed levels, various enemies, bosses, simple gameplay, nice graphics and soothing music and sounds.
On beautiful sunny day Addu and his girlfriend were eating apples together and enjoying life and suddenly “Evil Lion Monster” appeared from deep jungle out of no where. That evil moster captured Addu’s girlfriend and ran away in deep jungle. Addu is on adventure to rescue his girlfriend by defeating Lion Monster and teach him a lesson.

The story is that the old days on a beautiful day in a beautiful countryside of Vietnam with a Boy’s village is located in the land of Quang Ninh with the bay as the Ha Long bay and the islands as Tra Co beautiful island. It was a strange tribe to occupy gold robbery and arrest and detention of people in the village.

To bring Addu’s girlfriend back he needs your help. Run and jump through the deep jungle, avoid traps, clear all enemies in your way and defeat all bosses. “Jungle Adventures Boy Of World” will give you classic feel throughout the game with side scrolling view.

Jungle Adventures Boy Of World Game what’s new:
+ With beautiful graphics fantasy style you caught up in a very nice village like fairy tales.
+ With extremely high resolution for your help between villages lost in life.
+ With classic gameplay style.
+ Easy control with the buttons on the screen, such as left, right, jump and throw (shot) results in enemies.
+ Many secret gift of brick blocks of money, mushrooms, fruits and cookies to help grow and heal.
+ You try to collect all the gold coins that other tribes to rob your village.
+ With 4 beautiful map of the world and more than 40 levels of your mission to help overcome Boy.
+ In which you must quickly swim through but ponds, lakes, and bays to get the diamonds are hidden and heavily fortified. You will have to move to dive and jump up for air.
+ In the game there are so many enemies as you need to overcome: the first tribal wood, cabbage tribe, tribal head lazy, top tribal fabric.

How to play the game:
+ You move left to right and jump to avoid the enemies and help beat the enemy.
+ You just collect the coins on the way.
+ You fruit on the way to attack the enemy weapon.
+ You eat buns blood magic and energy regain.
+ Eat mushrooms to to increase the height and overcome obstacles.

Download and play right now.
This is an extremely interesting game but relaxation from young children to adults.
What else do you hesitate immediately download your mobile phone Jungle Adventures Boy Of World.

If you really love arcade type jungle run games, this game is perfect choice for you and your kids.

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