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Iron Kill: Robot Fighting Game (Android & iOS) Free

If you have the skills to build an awesome fighting robot, then here’s your chance. Iron Kill: Robot Fighting Games is an action-packed 3D mobile game where you join as a robot builder. Your goal here is to become the champion in robot fighting games. But in order to complete this task, you must get the best fighting robot. First is to build your robot and then join small battles on the map. The game features upgrades for your robot and enhance their damage. The game also features cool combo attacks and special moves. Use your moves skilfully to reach the championship.

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Iron Kill Robot Fighting features an action packed robot fighting game where you get to build your own team of fighting robots and then battle it out with other robots to get to the top of the ranks. The game features a variety of bots for you to assemble, all of them have their very own stats and attributes, weapons and special abilities, and many more. There are a total of 30 unique and powerful fighting bots for you to choose from, each one of them can be installed with cool upgrades to make them more powerful and more effective in the arenas, train them properly and then equip them with the best components to dominate the ranks by fighting your opponents in PvP arenas, it will be challenging and it will be fun. You can even participate in limited time events to win cool rewards which you can later use to upgrade your robots. It won’t be a walk in the park though as the opponents you will be facing off are just as powerful, you will start out with easy fights but the matches will eventually become much more difficult as you progress up the ranks. Are you ready for a metal smashing robot action fun?, Play the game and see if you have what it takes to become the number robot fighter of all time here in Iron Kill Robot Fighting.

Graphics and Sounds

The visuals are pretty, the robot designs are not very futuristic and seems to have a tinge of steampunk but they look rather pretty and have very nice details when it comes to their body parts. The designs are also quite diverse, each one of the fighting bots have their own distinct design, size and shape making them quite different and unique from each other. The environments are cool too, the different locations featured here have a variety of unique backdrops. The colors are also great, the characters or robots have very nice metallic colors which provides a nice contrast against a rather dark environment. Movements and animations are generally smooth and fluid, although it could have looked better if the animations were more diverse. Music is great too, it sounds quite exciting and definitely make the game more fun to play while sound effect is very nice and kinda bombastic, you will be hearing a lot of battle sounds when the fight starts. SFX also looks gorgeous, the weapon traces are pretty, especially when you use the combo attacks against the opponent. Overall, you’ll love this one, the designs are great and so are the presentations.


The game is leveled and the fights are one on one. Naturally, the earlier fights will be quite easy and will slowly become more difficult as you progress through the game. You also get rewards by winning the matches, you can later use this reward to buy more robots or cooler upgrades to make your team more powerful. There are also boss fights in the game, you need to make sure your robot if fully upgraded before facing off with them as they are really tough and hard to take down.


Iron Kill Robot Fighting has some beautiful graphics and designs, there are a total of 30 fighting robots for you to choose from, lots of upgrades, weapons and even combo attacks for you to use. The game also features easy to learn controls for everyone.


This is really cool and quite challenging. If you are into robot fighting games, this is a must play for you, you’ll love this one for sure.