Incomming Alarm (for OGame)

now you can see release-note :

*** App price will going up from 9.99 USD to 14.99 USD at 2018-Feb-01

if you’re trying first login, please check INGAME option
* When phone is in manner mode, vibrates only.
* click in Notify, alert sounds clear.
* check fleet status in app, alert vibrates clear.
* detect new message from user
to users :

cannot login : apka nie działa

DO NOT Pokazuj zawsze eventy is “urkyj”

NO “urkyj”

Ogame Attack Alarm

☆Android 4.4-7.0+ (ARM,x86,MIPS)
☆#1 Ogame Attack Alarmer
☆ ☆ ☆

this app notifies you that someone sending hostile fleets to you.
periodically refreshing!
selective planet refreshing!
Remind when Android reboot!

[✔] customizable incomming-check interval
[✔] in-app display incomming-attacks
[✔] session-storing ( this app doesn’t re-login per each check , more SAFE++)
[✔] automatic-reconnecting when session lost
[✔] selective planet refresh ( make activity(*) in chossen planets )
[✔] user or total new message notifing (alarm, you cannot miss the trade message)

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