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Ignatius Game (Android & iOS) Free

This odd little guy will travel through different areas and he will need some help. See if you can handle the silhouette-look environment here in Ignatius. Control your character on the platform and travel on the seemingly endless area filled with shadowy creatures. Be sure to avoid these creatures or else Ignatius will get hurt. This mobile game also features puzzles along the way that you will need to solve if you want to access new areas. Open up treasure chests too and collect various items for your journey. There will be big bosses too and you need to defeat them.

Android – https://goo.gl/e6XAaF


Ignatius features a fun and challenging adventure game with platform based puzzle elements, you will take on the role of Ignatius, a boy with a fairly monotonous life, but one day, he met Vigo, a mysterious theater director and took him to a strange new world, this event turned his life “topsy turvy”…and this is where your adventure begins, you will be taking control of the character, and you need to guide him escape the strange new world filled with intriguing and surreal creatures and strange landscape, you’ll be traversing various levels that feature different kinds of obstacles like bottomless gaps and chasms, lava pits that could kill your character instantly, and strange enemies that lurk in the dark, waiting to pounce at our hero as he gets close enough, it won’t be easy escaping this strange world really, but you just have to escape as you really don’t belong here, no worries really as the game provides some in game help that you can use to survive the levels, there are health potions scattered throughout the levels that can restore your health…just don’t get nipped too often and try to avoid the bottomless pits and you’ll be just fine, are you ready to explore this fantastical and surreal world and help our little hero to escape and go back to his world, that’s up to you to find out.

Graphics and Sound

It features a unique visual experience and somehow reminds me of the game Limbo, this one looks cooler though as the artworks presented in the game are quite diverse, they range from noir, steampunk and many more, the character designs in the game are truly surreal, grotesque even, it truly is a visual feast for everyone to behold, the levels are pretty, varied when it comes to designs and look rather dark with the occasional splash of colors every now and then, but details are quite nice though even if you can barely see where you’re going most of the time, the game animation is quite nice, all the moving objects in the game have nice movements and so is the character, it responds nicely to the controls and worked rather responsive throughout, music seem nice enough and the sound effect is rather moody and quite diverse too, the game special effects are quite simple, nothing really spectacular, it’s just that even the simple graphic effects seem a lot prettier if the environments are quite dark like in this game, overall, it is very nice indeed, the game has a nice mix of unique artwork, that made it rather look pretty and really unique.


It is fairly easy to play actually, all you need to do here is to traverse the levels while surviving all the traps, obstacles and even the enemies that you will encounter while collecting the film reels scattered throughout, once you have completed your task, you can now head to the exit and start a new level, the controls are fairly easy too and quite responsive, there are left and right arrows on the left to control movement and the action buttons are all on the lower right side of your device.


Ignatius features some cool graphic designs with a surreal theme, it is 2D and side scrolling, there are a variety of levels for you to explore, a lot of obstacles, traps and puzzles to overcome and solve, and it has simple and responsive controls to maximize fun.


I enjoyed this one a lot, the puzzles by the way are fairly moderate when it comes to level of difficulty, you only need to be logical really, check it out.


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Free Ignatius Game (Android & iOS)

Ignatius Game (Android & iOS) Android

Ignatius Game (Android & iOS) iOS