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Hunger Games – Panem run Game (Android & iOS) Free

Hunger Games: Panem Run is a fun and exciting action packed endless running game that has you running endless across Panem, the game is based on the movie Hunger Games: Catching Fire and features the main characters of the movie, there are 2 characters to choose from when the game starts, you can play the game as Peeta Mellark or Katnis Everdeen, the game features 3 locations or districts for you to run, you can collect sparks to empower your own district and build up hope among the other districts, you need to run, jump, slide and smash the different obstacles as you travel across a variety of randomly generated locations, but that’s not all, you also need to use your bow and arrow as you shoot targets that randomly appear in your runs, it will be a challenge indeed and it will be fun, no worries though as there are a lot of powerups that you can collect and use in the game, not to mention those sparks that you can collect to build new materials for your arrows, and if you ever slow down or make too many mistakes, those genetically modified hornets will swarm on your character and it’s game over for you, so are you up to the challenge?, play the game and see what it takes to take on the role of Katnis Everdeen and Peeta Mellark here in Hunger Games: Panem Run.

Graphics and Sound

Hunger Games: Panem Run has stunning graphics, the character designs are based on the movie and they looked just like them, details are also very nice and they certainly made the game nice and pretty, the environments are also very nice, the levels are randomly generated so no two runs are the same, the colors are very nice too, they are bright and vivid making the game soft to the eyes and very nice to look at, the movements are also smooth, as can be experienced when you play the game, the character movements are really fluid, the game’s soundtrack is also great, it is engaging and very nice to listen to while the sound effects in the game are not too bombastic but really nice, the special effects used are also very nice, the special visuals look pretty enough no matter how you look at it, overall, the game looked great whether you are a fan of the movie or not.


Hunger Games: Panem Run is just like your typical endless runner out there where you need to run and jump endlessly to cover the farthest distance possible before your character dies, as with most endless runners out there, you will encounter obstacles along the way, it will be easy at first but soon enough the obstacles will keep popping up at a closer interval, good thing there are powerups in the game, you need to collect them all and use them at the right time to help your character go for a longer run, controls are simple and easy to use too, and if you have played other endless runners before, you’ll be very comfortable with the swipe controls the game employs.


Hunger Games: Panem Run features beautiful graphics, there are a couple of characters available for you to play, a variety of locations to traverse and a lot of cool powerups to help you out in your runs, and the game uses simple swipe controls to make the game more fun for everyone.


Hunger Games: Panem Run is quite fun and challenging, if you are a fan of the movie release, you should not miss out on this one.


Download Hunger Games – Panem run Game (Android & iOS)

Free Hunger Games – Panem run Game (Android & iOS)