Heroes Of Loot 2 Game (1-15 dungeons) (Android & iOS)

Heroes Of Loot 2 Game (1-15 dungeons) (Android & iOS) Game Apps Free Download

Heroes Of Loot 2 Game (1-15 dungeons) (Android & iOS) on Android / iOS / Windows or other Mobile Device, Tablet, Phone

Heroes Of Loot 2 Game (1-15 dungeons) (Android & iOS) Free

Heroes Of Loot 2 features an action packed dungeon crawler gameplay with elements of role playing, it is the sequel to Heroes Of Loot and is just as much fun and challenging, after completing their tasks in the first game, the heroes are back again and ready to take on a new quest, the game let’s you use 2 characters for you to play in the game, simultaneously controlling them to complete each task, you can choose from 4 classes actually, they are the Elf who can shoot powerful arrows to pierce the evil creatures, the Wizard who uses powerful magic spells to decimate the enemies, the Warrior who is armed with a hammer and very effective at close range combat, and the Valkyrie who is quick and agile and is able to detect secret rooms and rare loot, choose your characters wisely and raid the dungeons, it is not that easy though as the dungeons are full of deadly obstacles, traps and even mind boggling puzzles for you to overcome, not to mention those ghastly creatures that lurks in the depths of the dungeons, not to worry mate as there are a lot of upgrades available for you to use, not to mention those powerups that will give you the advantage for a short period of time, it’s going to be a bloody battle indeed…but you sure are going to have fun doing it…so gear up and get ready for some dungeon crawling action here in Heroes Of Loot 2.

Graphics and Sound

The game is presented in a retro styled graphics, from the characters to the level designs, everything is retro, it looks nice though, even if details aren’t that high, the character designs are quite nice too, and so are the randomly generated dungeons, you’ll encounter different monsters and a lot of traps and obstacles, the colors are great by the way, it looks quite diverse and simply bursting with a lot of vivid colors, it really looks quite nice when combat starts, animation and character movements are also nice, although it really isn’t as fluid as it is retro, the movements still felt nice enough, music and sound is cool, the game soundtrack quite nice while the sound effect the game uses are pretty diverse, a lot of battle sounds will resonate throughout the game, special effects are cool, all the attacks and magic spells have their own special visuals associated with them which look great when executed, overall, it may look retro but the game sure is pretty and nice to look at.


There are lots of fighting in the game and it also has some interaction with non playable characters, you’ll be raiding a lot of dungeons in the game, each one of them randomly generated so no 2 dungeons will look the same, you can use two characters during the game, switching between them anytime you want, even in the heat of the battle, there are also boss fights here, the bosses are very tough and really powerful, and if you don’t have the right equipment and magic spells, you’re not going to survive the onslaught for sure.


Heroes Of Loot 2 features some cool retro graphics, there are 4 classes of characters to choose from, a lot of weapons and armor for you to use, some cool and powerful magic spells and it features a lot of enemies for you to fight…including bad ass bosses.


This is really fun, gameplay feel just like the first release, if you enjoyed playing the prequel, you’ll enjoy playing this one just as much.

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Download Heroes Of Loot 2 Game (1-15 dungeons) (Android & iOS)

Free Heroes Of Loot 2 Game (1-15 dungeons) (Android & iOS)

Heroes Of Loot 2 Game (1-15 dungeons) (Android & iOS) Android

Heroes Of Loot 2 Game (1-15 dungeons) (Android & iOS) iOS