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Hay Township – Pixelmon day Android Android

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Welcome to Hay Township – Pixelmon day! Build your own perfect and flourishing town. Design it wisely with a view to its future growth for all inhabitants and their needs.

Play the most popular city builder! With a new cool and free city builder “Hay Township – Pixelmon day you get the maximum of fun!

Try on the role of a real tycoon that have to develop his small village to the prosperous farming corporation!

In this amazing free game you have various types of activity: from baking and crafting to building and trading. Everything you can do useful make your farm grow and succeed. A real tycoon can do it!

Strengthen the village economy and develop your business easy and with a fun! Start up your own business empire!

Grow different good veggies and fruits and gather the amazing harvests

Breed your life stocks which could highly benefit your growing block ranch.

Cook and bake delicious bread, make cheese and butter.
Need something sweeter? You can make your own syrups and caramels, and the most yummy ice-creams.

Take care of your citizens – good pixelmons. You will have to face many exciting tasks: construct houses, fill them with art pieces, gather harvest, breed lifestock, make the finest and soft fabrics!
Take on leadership and rule them as you wish.

Build to enlarge the territory of your homestead: small and large houses, stands and facilities, places to work and have fun. Don’t forget the art and decor.

Embellish your township! You always can embellish your settlement with art and decorations which could inspire your citizens! Transform your small village into beautiful and prosperous place!

Discover new pixelmon types in the game and craft living houses for them!

Take care of your pixelmons and make the farm a happiest place for them.

To make your farm famous start trains with goods to strengthen your economy and satisfy all the needs of your citizens

Perpetual good circle of life! Pixelmons communicate with one another, work, play, relax: they are living real life! They can do their best with your help!

Entertain your pixelmons! An active farming should have all types of entertainment and activities. Establish your cinemas and candy shops! Don’t forget about groceries and fire station in the game!


– Discover various manufacturing activities: baking, weaving, farming, building, animals breeding!

– Run your own 3D house! Enter the mass production of foods.

– Breed various animals and take care of your livestock! Create a prosperous ranch for free!

– Expand the food production business in your village – open more different stands and buildings!

– Broad system of activities from building to farming and gathering harvests allow you to craft your own, unique, living block place!

– Discover new cool creatures and build living houses in the town for them!

– Start to craft new items, settle a farm (your own fruitful place), become the king of the cultivation!

– Help your customers with trading

It’s up to you to decide how to create your perfect rural and fun world!

A builder? You will make a huge municipality! Stories will be told about it and the best crafters keep coming to the town from out-of-the-world parts!

A tycoon? Your business empire will be the most prosperous and powerful, all the world will look up to you and trying to please you! Gather the harvest of your success!

Will you succeed or not? It’s totally up to you!

Become the most successful farmer! Prove to everyone your estate is the best and cool!

The creators of Hay Township – Pixelmon day is not associated with minecraft – pocket edition (pe) or any other versions of Minecraft, SimCity Build it, Hay Day or Tycoon City.

It is not an official application of Mojang.

Minecraft is a trademark of Mojang AB, and this product is not connected with the developer of this game or its licensors, and is not approved by them.

Require internet connection : NO
Size : 37 MB

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