Hacker – tap smartphone tycoon, life simulator

You have to go all the way from the usual “teapot” to the richest of the planet programmers. In this way you will have many adventures: you will live in the most expensive homes and open your office, You will take part in a large number of events and conferences, rack up millions of subscribers in social networks, you will have only the most recent and expensive phone models and the rest of the equipment you require. This is just a fairy tale of some sort!
Start the program now! Create your own games and apps! Earn on their first million dollars!
You will be called a programmer or computer technician, but we then know who you really are. You – the developer! Remember that word.
The game is based on real events.

Download Hacker – tap smartphone tycoon, life simulator for free

Free downloadHacker – tap smartphone tycoon, life simulator : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.alexplay.developer