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These bros are back to unleash more explosions and more fury against their enemies. Join them again in defeating T.O.O.L in this action-packed mobile game called Gun Bros 2. There are 2 modes offered in this game; Missions and Endless. Select the mission you want and the defeat the wave of monsters and robotic creatures that will appear. Once you have completed the waves, you will be awarded with some crates. These crates have mods, armors, or weapons that you can equip to your character. Your character can also level up by getting experience points from enemies and increase his stats.



Gunbros 2 is a top down action packed shooting game that has you playing as an active agent of F.R.A.G.G.E.D, and you’ll be fighting T.O.O.L or the tyranical oppressors of life across a variety of locations in different planets, you can play the game as one of two available characters, namely Percy Gun and Francis Gun, and you’ll need to fend off waves of attacks from the enemies across the galaxy, hopping from one planet to another fighting T.O.O.L in different fronts, you’ll have access to a variety of weapons and armor and some cool powerups too, but don’t be too confident though as the enemies are seemingly endless in numbers and they’ll come at you wave after wave after wave, their sheer number is enough to overwhelm you, indeed, it’s going to be one tough battle to win but you’re going to do everything you can as the fate of the galaxy is in your hands, and if you think you’re good enough, go multiplayer and slug it out with other players all around the world…so come on and join the adventure, join F.R.A.G.G.E.D and be an agent of justice and fight the dreaded and diabolical T.O.O.L saving the entire galaxy in the process here in Gunbros 2.

Graphics and Sound

Gunbros 2 has stunning graphics, character designs are quite fabulous, although the game is in top down view and characters are quite small, character details are still fairly high, environments are great too, each of the different location across the galaxy look quite unique and truly distinct from each other, colors are also great, the colors in the game are vivid and sharp, making the vegetation and different structures present in the maps really pretty, animations are also smooth here, the characters move about smoothly making the combat really fluid and fun to play, music and sounds are also good, the game’s sound effects are rather explosive making the battles exciting and adrenaline pumping, special effects on the other hand are also great, the weapon effects look really flashy and fabulous, making the game look very pretty during combat, overall, the game is stunning, it has very nice graphic designs and presentations, an eye candy so to speak.


Gunbros 2 as mentioned earlier is a top down shooter, action gets frantic very often so prepare for an adrenaline pumping adventure, in every level, your objective will be to survive the waves of attacks mounted by the enemies across the galaxy, you need to kill and eliminate as may enemies as you can as the more you kill, the more money you earn, and the more money you save, the cooler the weapons and armor you can buy which could determine your fate when the battle starts, Gunbros 2 is a dual stick shooter, with the left virtual stick, you control the character’s movements and with the left virtual stick, you can control the aiming and the shooting of the weapons, your character can carry up to two weapons at a time by the way, and you can switch between them any time during the game, depending on the type of enemy you’re up against.


Gunbros 2 features stunning graphics and presentations, it features a frantic dual stick shooting experience presented in top down view, there are a lot of weapons and armor at your disposal, there a variety of locations to explore and a lot of enemies to kill, and best of all, the game has a very responsive dual stick controls to make the game more fun to play.


Gunbros 2 is really quite exciting to play, a very nice and exciting experience indeed, if you dig frantic dual stick shooters, then look no further, Gunbros 2 is here.


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