Grow Phone Android

Grow Phone Android

Grow Phone Original title (그루폰) -폰키우기 is a new concept game that grows mobile phones with my hands and makes them the best phones.

■ A new type of growth game that has not been anywhere.
It is not a game of the same form, but a game that grows my own smartphone that was not in the world.

■ Stress with only click 쫘 ~ Evil unwinding game.
Playing dynamic and splendid, the stress of today’s day 쫘 ~ evil.

■ Evolving smartphone.
If you touch it, it evolves into a powerful smart phone.

■ Stop playing boring game!
Throw away the boredom of everyday life as you swoop up quickly and burst into powerful energy again.

■ A game that everyone enjoys.
If you enjoy playing with your friends and acquaintances, 100% UP fun for your phone!

■ “Grow Phone (Phone) – How to enjoy phone fun”.
– The electrical signal is off the battery.
– When an electric signal arrives at each module such as CPU or RAM, the module is charged.
– If the module is charged and the gauge is full, it will acquire gold.
– You can earn more gold by collecting gold and upgrading the module.
– Upgrading the battery can send more electrical signals.
– You can replace the board with a TP that can be obtained by upgrading the unit.
– You can add a new module by replacing the board.
– Press the battery. The electric signal will be transmitted as if it is running.
– When the battery discharges, please click hard. Charge faster.
– The more bonus button is pressed, the more buffs will be applied to help the game.

■ Caution
– Data may be initialized when replacing a device or deleting a game. Be sure to click Save in-game menu.

■ Permission Request
– Guide to Smartphone App Access
Permission When using the app, we are requesting access permission to provide the following services.

[Essential Access Rights]
– Access photos, media, and files
– It is necessary for cell phone status and phone allowance
customer service and monitoring (maker, model name, OS version, etc.)
– Allow access to address book
View device information for advertisement service provided in game.

■ Contact us and report an error
– For game questions, please contact I’ll give you a quick answer.

■ Brand page:

Genre(s) : Simulation , Clicker
Require internet connection : YES
Size : 79 mb
Date Released : 2018-01-11

Google Play download URL:…

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