Grid Shift Android

Grid Shift Android

Grid Shift by Mindscape BV . (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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In Grid Shift you play as Bebop, a cute alien who crashed on Earth by accident. In five beautiful worlds to explore, each with ten different levels, Bebop tries to overcome several challenges to find his way back home.

Help Bebop by collecting colored blobs full of energy. Match the blobs with the color of Bebop’s helmet to consume the energy inside. Careful though! The blobs are shifting in various colors at different times.

You collect all the blobs in a level to continue to the next. Play in 5 surrealistic worlds – City Park, Malibu Mall, Forest Ruins, Flame Mines, Crystal Lake – and collect all the blobs!

The first two levels in the game are the levels to ‘get familiar’ with the gameplay. In each level additional gameplay elements will be added. For instance, in the third level the grid will shift, meaning that all blobs will switch into a different color. The gear display (in the upper right) tells you when the blobs will change color.

In the upper left corner, the number of Blobs in the level to collect are displayed. Just swipe from top to bottom or left to right to get the right color and lead Bebop back home.

It sounds easier than it is. Good luck and have fun.

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