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Greedy Ghouls by DacSki . (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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Join the wizard Boo and his apprentice in their battle to stop the GREEDY GHOULS from eating their village made of delicious treats.

Too lazy to make their own food, monsters rather the smell of yours instead.
Defend against different types of monster, each with their own talents, stop them from CRAWLING, RUNNING, SHOOTING, HOPPING or HOVERING their way into the village!

A variety of levels to play on, each with their own monsters.
DAY, NIGHT, from the MAIN GATE or from the BACK WALL, wherever these pesky monsters choose to attack, you have to hold them off.

Over 20 amazing spells and skills to help you ZAP, TRAP, SLASH, BLOCK or FREEZE monsters into submission.
Boo uses everything from hot peppers to cannons to make amazing abilities for you to use.

Use everything in your arsenal to hold off the mischievous monsters as they increase their numbers and weirdness in later levels.

Hey players, thanks for checking our game GREEDY GHOULS.
GREEDY GHOULS was made by 1 developer (me), with my wonderful girlfriend and 7 year old son testing and giving ideas.
We thank you for your support and we intend to make GREEDY GHOULS better with UPDATES.

Require internet connection : NO
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