Grand Superhero Fighter Pro (by MegaVision Games)

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This is the best game for legendary street fighting fans.Are you ready for the world of Grand Superhero Fighter Pro Kungfu Fighting? You can choose the hero that suits you for fighting.Now, do you want to feel the thrilling sensation of acting as super fighters and using destructive weapons and their skills to combat with your rivals? Challenge yourself in this fast-paced, easy to play an old-school arcade FTG game.Be ready for City rescue mission with different combat style like Kickbox, Sambo, Martial Arts, Muay Thai, BJJ, Ninja martial fight and many others dodging, rage, cuts, knockouts, technical knockouts. Start fighting in the city to safe city people from mafia gangsters and choose differently.In ring fight, you can choose different characters for hero some of them can only be unlocked when you achieve different levels. It is important for you to defend yourself from Monster.Use Flying superhero iron full abilities to protect people in the rescue mission and use Kickbox to destroy warriors in the city.It’s all depends on your skills and experience that win the grand ring fighting game against the monster hero.Show your skills in the street rush and become a Master of Ring Battle. ultimate Kungfu monster is the game of sharpness and celerity of mind and eyes to make your focus on warriors in the city and save people from Incredible Monster.You are on the right track to get your daily adventure doze with this fantastic fighting games and boxing games! Control, Punch, Jab Punch, Super Punch, Superkick, Flip Kick and fight with all opponents carefully and defeat them badly, told them who is the boss. You will enjoy the features of all other fighting games and ring fighting games in this Grand Superhero Fighter Pro game.You might have played many ring fighting games, but you would have never experienced the futuristic one on one hero fight before. It’s time to play the eventual monster hero game of this era. You can take pleasure in this futuristic monster battle and experience the fight of monster hero in the ring.This one is specially designed for the extreme fans of monster hero ring fighting games and monster hero city battle games.Take down the ultimate robot warfare with its ring fighting and monster hero boxing skills.This game is just fiction.Play kungfu fight on your mobile when you try to fight your enemy. kungfu street is the best free games in the genre of street kungfu.You have to beat all of them to become a master of this battle. Fight for your glory, fight for your dignity, fight for the clan.Get Ready to play this fighting simulator – the super monster hero fighting game.Enjoy this monster hero game of futuristic monster battle and experience the fight of monster hero in the ring.This is for the fans of comic superheroes and fans of monster hero wrestling in the ring and monster hero city battle games. Enter to the fight club and start robot warfare with monster hero boxing and taken fight skills.Show off your quickness ability and win the chaos war in the immortal beast, the summation of monster battle games and monster war games. Inheriting an above-average combat system from the Wrestling Revolution series, this game supercharges the action with new powers, technology, costumes, and locations!
Watch your favorite incredible monster hero in the one to one superhero vs superhero combat contest.In this futuristic superhero monster bulk game – the big man game become a truly incredible.Knock punches with rapid intensity and prove yourself to be a superhero robot in this monster superhero robot fighting game against the robot transformer.Enjoy the blend of boxing game fight and battle game with the extreme simulator of monster robot transformation.Get ready to test your fighting skills in this single invincible combo of Monster hero bulk games and immortal combats.

Grand Superhero Fighter Pro Features:
Realistic superhero sounds
Realistic superhero fighting animation, flying kicks, punches and combo attacks