Future Hero – Unlimited Battle Android

Future Hero – Unlimited Battle Android Game Apps Free Download

Future Hero – Unlimited Battle Android Android

Future Hero – Unlimited Battle by Hs Action Game (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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The true heroes are born in the street fighting, feel the power and strength in your hands, wielding a real fighting machine.“Future Hero – Unlimited Battle” with fast-paced action Combat.It combine the features of Action Fighting,Stage Complete and Role Playing Game, together have this exciting action fighting game!It’s your time to be the master of all superheros of history for FREE!

Fighting for justice, or for freedom?what should you do if your city had been attacked by crime organizations? Use all your fantastic power and marvelous strategy to protect the people and the city. Future Hero arrived on this city to find the crime organizations in a battle to win.This time in your city will take place a real justice wars! Enjoy this fun addictive game with a true fighter legend ! Enjoy the mortal fight to save the Universe in the ultimate street fighters action fighting game. Get all your favourite superheros,Future Hero is made from a mix of strong
metals with a steel base, powered by a small nuclear reactor that gives him mobility, speed and strength to capture villains, train his to be the most powerful beings in the Universe.The game play is very simple, you will be asked for fighting with crime organizations and just try to win in versus fighting game. Other than that, the skills, how to move, how to jump, how to use sword, Shield, light sword … will be shown in during the game. Now you just to combine all of skills and your fighting to skills to fight,on The chaotic city street.

“Future Hero – Unlimited Battle” is the hero of this awesome free Android game, from a series of amazing superheroes from the future that fight to save the worlds in the crime Universe! Use upgradeable weapons and skills to shoot down enemy and protect the city from destruction all in 2D! Now he must train to become the protector we all need against injustice, violence, corruption and apathy.And if you do well, you will become an true heroes in this city! Get your new heros! Wich fighting styles will you teach them this time? he is your heros: choose your favourite street fighting technique and test your skills with increasingly challenging combats.

“Future Hero – Unlimited Battle” Game Features:
– Super Hero looks, powers, and abilities Cool special skills!Devastate your enemies with delightfully intuitive controls, thanks to an all-new fighting interface designed especially for touchscreens.
– Infinite non repetitive stages Real 2D Scenes!
– Upgrades and a special power, that keeps you out of trouble.
-Duel against your enemy with Arcade Mode.Live a super street fight adventure with Story Mode.
– Progressive enemy difficulty, Wonderful story,adrenaline-fueled combat RPG with an immersive, intriguing storyline.
-Enhance your tactical skill and weapons for optimal performance in action
-Play under any device with your saved game.

You can play and finish for free, since now, this “Future Hero – Unlimited Battle” game in 2017. If you like street fights, you can not miss the fantastic game of free fightEnjoy the best free fighting game and take the control of world wrestling scene in a struggle to reach the final, thanks to the best free games of street fights of Future Hero, feel the realism of combat as never before done.Download this free fighting game and demonstrates how you handle your fists and your skills
superhero in a thrilling fight to the death, you feel like splashing sweat of your opponent because these fights are very realistic boxing mode.

Note that this “Future Hero – Unlimited Battle” game occurs in a fictional universe, doesn’t encourage any kind of real fight.

Require internet connection : no
Size : 32 mb

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Future Hero – Unlimited Battle Android For Free

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