Fruit Cartoon Android

Fruit Cartoon Android

Fruit Cartoon by PlayWay SA . (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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Fruit Cartoon: juicy match 3 puzzle game with tons of fun and fresh new gameplay! Fruit Babies live in Sky Farm in happiness with their kute fruits. However, the Worm attacks the farm, arrest Fruit Babies and steal fruits. Your missions are protecting fruits, rescue your buddies, and beat the enemy out of Sky Farm. Fruit Cartoon is a revolution of match 3 game with creative combo-missions levels, fantastic adventure, and surely bring new experiences to puzzle fans! Now, let’s go to Sky Farm, meet your friends and start the adventure.

✔ 7 combo-missions types. 2 game modes. Gameplay is totally new to others!
✔ First version has 400 levels. Levels are updated and added soon
✔ Fun and challenging missions on Sky Farm:
Collect fruits and Clear weeds
Collect water and Remove ices
Beat the worms and Remove obstacles
Clear poisonous mushrooms and Help Fruit Baby climb to top
Break chains and Find keys underground to rescue Fruit Baby
Collect nutrients and Find magic power to beat the Dragon
Find legend fruits under ices and Plant grass to all cells
✔ You’re sure to love cool characters which cute emotions. All things are designed following to story to make players really “live” in the game!
✔ Direction of filling empty cells: top to bottom, bottom to top, left to right, maze fill, and combination of them… to make gameplay more interesting
✔ Great boosters to help you remove obstacle and defeat enemy effectively
✔Play with Facebook’s friends & compare your score with them. Can you reach top on leading board?
✔ Win challenge Daily Prize to get valuable gift
✔Global leaderboard to rank with other players. Challenging Achievements & Quests
✔ Levels are easy to play, but hard to master
✔ Play game frequently to get lucky rewards. Up to 3 times per day for lucky wheel!
✔ Eye-catching graphics, amazing effects, and exciting sounds!

★ ★ GAME MODES ★ ★
✔Story: 300 levels. An adventure which 6 new combo-missions to help Fruit Babies protect Sky Farm and defeat enemy. Levels are from easy to hard, and many things to explore on the journey
✔Campaign: 100 levels to challenge your matching skill! You need to find golden legend fruit and stretch green grass to Sky Farm to bring live back!
✔Daily Prize: each day you have 3 lives to play prize. It’s not easy to win but worth to try cause you’ll get special rewards! If you win a prize, it will be locked and open tomorrow, and become harder!

★ ★ HOW TO PLAY ★ ★
✔Swap the Fruits to match 3 in a LINE to collect them
✔Swap to make L shape to create Boom
✔Swap to make T shape to create X Splash
✔Match 5 Fruits in a LINE to make Rainbow Fruit
✔Swap to make a Square Shape to create random Splash
✔Match 4 Fruits in a LINE to make a Splash
✔Combine 2 boosters to make a big explosion

✔ Shovel: collect item on a cell
✔ Boom: collect 9-cells region
✔ Splash: collect cells in a column or line
✔ Rainbow Fruit: collect all fruits have the same type
✔ Super Splash: collect cells in both line & column

★ ★ GAME STORY ★ ★
The Fruit Babies live happily in Sky Farm. Everyday they go around the farm and take care cute fruits. But the Worm and his Dragon attack the farm, steal fruits, and arrest Fruit Babies. Let’s protect the farm, rescue Fruit Babies, fight against the enemy, and make the farm green again!

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