Free the Emoji Android

Free the Emoji Android

Free the Emoji by Kastellon Games (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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The ultimate adventure of your favourite emojis is about to begin!

The story is the following: the whatsapp emojis are alive and they live in the world of the whatsapp conversations! Help one of them, Smiley (A secret agent of the WSA, the Whatsapp Spy Agency) to save his sexy girlfriend from the hands of the devil emoji. Use your ability and your brain to guide the smiley emoji to his final goal!

If you like the lovely emojis of whatsapp or instagram, and you love the adventure games that force you to use your brain, then you will love this game for sure! A emoticons game totally free.

Meet our funny emojis:

# The smiling face, the main character (a brave and funny emoticon), guess the emoji who he is in love…
# The sexy emoji, the lovely face that you have to rescue.
# The devil emoji, an evil emoticon that uses his “emoji cheats” to rule over the Whatsapp emoticones.
# The angry face, the happy poo emoji and more funny emojis!

Are you ready for an emoticons game full of strategy and enjoyment, that will test your skills? Install the game, be an emoji, and enter the world of the emojis, the emojination! 🙂

Also called: “Emoji games free” and “Free emoji game”.

Size : 10 MB

Google Play download URL:…

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