Fit 2 Shapes – szybkie puzzle (by Studio Gier)

Download Fit 2 Shapes – szybkie puzzle (by Studio Gier) for Android…

If you need a moment of relaxation, silence or just want to break your record – play Fit 2 Shapes, an innovative game combining skills of arcade, rhythm, puzzle,

The rules of the game are simple. Two moving shapes (such as triangles or squares) appear on the screen. When both shapes take the same size and position, tap on the screen to make the connection.

The correct shape position is signaled by a special beep and the color change of one of the shapes.

In jigsaw puzzle shapes create an illustration that you can uncover. And in unending play you can beat your score – the more shapes you combine the more points you earn

The game is suitable for any child or adult. The game features simple, unchangeable rules and simple operation.