Fire Dragon City Simulator (by Rebel Game)

Download Fire Dragon City Simulator (by Rebel Game) for Android…

Live a prehistoric mythological legend life for once in dragon simulation game and enjoy the hunt of a lifetime. Simply download the monster dragon game and become a conqueror of the dragon world!!

The key element of the dragon attack dragon simulator game is, just destroy everything!!
Destroy the city and destroy the buildings and kill the citizens and the wild animals, eat them and fill your dragon tummy!! Devour and ruin everything happening in the dragon city.

You as a dragon in the dragon city simulation games will hunt down buildings and animals and people and many others things because they are creating problems for you, show your rage by destroying buildings and everything in the city.

You will be choosing to be a dragon out of many dragons, so select a fierce dragon in this dragon game as a dragon simulator who goes out in the dragon city simulator games. Use your dragon attack to get rid of buildings, citizens, and other wild animals and cause massive destruction.

Dragon simulation game allows you to roam free in the dragon city breathing out the fire to destroy everything!! As a dragon use the navigation bar to discover the dragon city and hunt the crazy wild animal and citizen simulator and create trouble and destruction for them. You can also navigate your prey!!

Download the dragon city simulation games for an adventure in the dragon city dragon game simulation.

This dragon simulator game is as a war field where the dragon first hunts for the prey and then fights with dragon warrior. As a dragon simulator find yourself your destruction prey, from the navigation tool on the screen in the simulator games then make way to the red spot on navigation tool to find dragon attack simulator.

Press bite key to damage the prey simulator, hit them and kill them and also eat them with dragon attack and keep biting till their health bar ends in the dragon city simulation games.

You can harm the people of the dragon city and you can also destroy cars, buildings and other things on the road. You have to kill everything available and tasked and make the dragon world your territory in the dragon city simulation games.

How to play dragon simulator game:

Select dragon simulator level out of 10 levels
Select one of the 4 unlocked dragons from dragon simulator game
Enter the city through joystick movement
Exhale fire breath and destroy the city with the given control
Hit the buildings to break them from the given controls
Eat the citizens and other living things running in the city
Complete the destruction task in given time or the game will be over
Fight the warrior knight at the end of each level
Collect coins at the end to unlock new levels

Features of dragon simulator game:

10 levels
4 dragon simulator dragons
Multiple dragon destruction simulation tasks
All dragons fly and have fire breath which they can exhale to destroy the city
Time based tasks
Joystick controls and movements
3d simulation
HD graphics
Realistic sound effects

Play this exciting dragon simulator game and perform the destruction task at the given time or you’ll lose and you’ll have to restart the dragon simulator game. Complete dragon game in time and unlock exciting new features in and for the dragon simulator game!!