Fancy Café – Decorate & Cafe Games

Welcome to Fancy Cafe: a fusion of decorating games and restaurant games with exciting levels! Help Kate in her mission to design, restore and decorate her dream cafe games. Enjoy the exciting match 3 cafe games: build your own story as you blast colorful match-3 puzzles. This is the best cooking game you were waiting for months!

The recipe for success at Fancy Cafe has four ingredients: decoration, style, design and restaurant management! Mix everything and add two teaspoons of skill to solve match-3 puzzle and cafe games. The result: the best restaurant games in the line of decorating games!

Design your home and your restaurant and make it shine bright! Although it is not a large mansion, you will build and decorate your dream cafe games for free. Decorating houses is easy, but what about going on an adventure and decorate a coffee shop? You choose the makeover: extravagant or simple, with a beautiful garden or shiny landscapes. Improve your interior design and renovation skills solving fun tiles matching. Restore, design, redesign and decorate the coffee shop to your liking!

In this free restaurant games you will discover new recipes as a chef. Unlock cooking recipes and make delicious dishes, juices, coffee, salads and cakes. Delighting her customers is Kate’s favorite pastime.

Solve funny match-3 puzzles games to design, reform and decorate your dream cafe games. These matching give Kate the ability to transform fruits and ingredients into elegant furniture. Have fun in hundreds of match-3 levels like in mansion match 3 puzzles.

Improve your chef skills but also your abilities to design, reform and decorate. These decorating games will not miss glamor and interior design. At this coffee shop you will prepare the most delicious coffee in the most elegant restaurant games and cafe games.

Design and Renovate Features of Fancy Cafe:

– Unique style: combine and exchange pieces, while helping Kate to design, restore, manage and decorate her cafeteria!
– Interior design: you decide the makeover and the decoration of the coffee shop scapes. Add elegance to your restaurant games as if you were decorating houses!
– Match 3 puzzles: decide how Kate interacts with her pets and gossip with her friends
– Fun matching with unique enhancers. Achieve combos in the brainteasers match-3 puzzles!
– Cooking & delicious recipes. Surprise customers with juices, coffee, salads and the best cakes.
– If you want, you can play online with your friends either without internet
– Decorating games for adults, for girls and decorating games free for all the family. The only goal is to build the most elegant cafe games!

Download Fancy Cafe now: the perfect combination of home decor, matching, cooking, design, cafe games, restaurant games and mansion games. If decorating houses is your hobby, you’ll love to follow the story as you overcome match-3 boards. Discover the secrets of Kate, her guinea pig and other adorable pets.

Become a chef with restaurant management duties but also restaurant decorating tasks: you’ll be the first interior designer chef of the World!

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