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“Prepare for the longest jump in the world car
you are ready to beat Tanner Foust record jump ?? if so, what are you waiting for? take a high level in the world of car stunts jet. The world’s longest ramp Stunt Racer has been set. take your achievement air nitro car. smash dangerous air race with other players gt car and beat Hot Wheels car drivers in racing extreme stunts gt city. using the Fast & Furious nitro engine, enjoy fast nitro power. tap nitro to increase the speed of the car stunt, tap to nitro flames. play stunt race offline and beat your friends in the simulator stunt car. no wifi, no problem!

which means Nitro Stunt car is it?
reckless stunts 3D car is a new challenge stunt racing game. be a stuntman and driving over obstacles and other cars. clear all the levels of the big auto jump from this challenging 3D car stunt simulation.
pick up nitro powers History of the great fury of auto racing. pick more power nitro to maximize your chances of winning racing turbo car. do not forget to blow the flames of nitro gt nitro car stunt. press the button to turn on the nitro car nitro-jet mode.
acceleration of the world’s fastest car bullet now! Remove the centuries highest Smashing jump over the longest ramp car. enjoy free fall down to land his jet car nicely on the road and make your story now of extreme stunts town gt racing !!
Join the world of crazy car stunts, perform risky stunts cars to challenge their skills and experience real turbo car racing.

✔ nitro mode on / off
in the car stunts 3D, now you can play with / without nitro-mode. turn off the nitro in the city, but do not forget to turn on at boot time.
✔ World Car Racer longest jump
Prepare History longest pro Car Racer jump. jump and land accurately. to earn more points and unlock the next car stunts 3D levels.
✔ car is still fitted in the air
the market for the first time, the deviation added new car is still equipped with the air to recharge their class stunt.
✔ additional reset button car / Nitro.
if Stunt car overturned, use the reset button of the car during the coup car. pick nitro power-ups and press the button to get the speed nitro airy.
✔ keep nitro power bar
the whole car simulator 3d, 3d maintain power Stunt nitro. pick nitro power-ups and survive longer on drag racing in the evening.

driving and maneuvering through treacherous ramps dominate surprising levels! Fasten your seat belts and enjoy a lot of stunts! Feel the thrill of drifting and landing through a spectacular stunt ramp. Stunt is an epic game you have been waiting for months!

visit us @ https://www.facebook.com/gameobject     @ https://twitter.com/thegameobject     @ http://pinterest.com/gameobject
and stay tuned for extreme stunts town gt racing seconds updated version. Stunt game is on – beat your opponent around the extreme stunt tracks and ramps. Experience more insane stunt jumps, traps and environments challenge the most experienced driver. “

Download Extreme City GT Racing Stunt

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