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Main duties and benefits as testers:
1. Testing the new feature, ‘Excalibur Invasion’, reporting bugs and offering modification suggestions related to the ‘Excalibur Invasion’.
2. Receive gift code(s) which can be used in the online version when reporting relevant bugs to Help & Support from in game.
*The test for the Excalibur Invasion will last around 1-2 weeks and the Excalibur Invasion event will begin at 9:00 AM (UTC+0) each day.
*The purchase function in the testing server will be disabled and players will receive in-game resources to use in the test version of the game.
*The Test App is an entirely separate App. You don’t have to delete the current App to install the test one, and your game data in the live version of the game will not be affected.
*Since the feature is still in its development phase, bugs and problems related to the Excalibur Invasion may be difficult to avoid in the test server. Please report to us through in-game support and we’ll aim to resolve any bugs or issues before the feature is released in the live version. Tap on the ‘Help & Support’ board in the center of your city and find the ‘Contact Us’ button to write to Support.
*When the feature test ends, you can choose to leave the test app on your device or delete it. If there’s another feature test, we’ll keep you updated with the news!

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