Evolve! Tamer Android

Evolve! Tamer Android

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The most spectacular collection of strong, cool and popular monsters! You can make your personal monster team from diversified cards. Also gameplays like tamer ranking, story stages provide you with experiences beyond your childhood memory! Login gifts, battle gifts, achievement gifts, so many gifts and all for free!
Original and fine designs of monsters in hundreds of different shapes! We present you the classic digimons and even more arrestingly cute monsters after evolution!
[Most Complete Index of Monsters in the Digital World]
We amassed a many popular digimons. You can develop them from eggs and teach them how to combat in your own way!
[Strongest Monster War Band]
Your monsters are sophisticated creatures that require your intimacy to tame. Their skills are very powerful and you, as their master, will build the strongest monster war band!
[Most Stunning Voice Cast]
Striking story, together with the original voice actors, will bring you the most authentic anime-game experience!
[Richest Monster Development]
You have multiple methods such as gears, training, evolution and bandages to develop your monster to super monsters. You can strengthen your monsters via skill upgrading, breaking through, awakening and starring up to dominate the digital world. And their different forms in baby, champion, ultimate, mega stages would feast your picky eyes!
[Most Thrilling Monster Challenges]
We have different aspects to evaluate a master tamer such as monster arena, ladder competition and index collection. What’s more, we have various events rewarding armored monsters for you to conquer the world!
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