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Evo is a simple robot but loves big challenges. And now, he is going to explore a unique world full of brain-twisting challenges in this puzzle and physics mobile game called Evo Explores. The task assigned to you is help Evo reach the exit safely. In order to do this, you must interact with the objects and other platforms in the area. You can slide, twist, or rotate these platforms and objects to get a path. The laws of gravity don’t work on this world and you may find Evo walking upside down. There are no timers for each level so you can solve them anytime.

Android – https://goo.gl/eF9uA0
iOS – https://goo.gl/6FnHUU


Evo Explores is a fun and challenging puzzle based game, it plays very much like Monumental Valley…with a twist, the game takes place in the planet Bytes, A monumental Valley – ish world where the laws of physics does not necessarily apply, anyway, you need to help and guide Evo, a somewhat very talkative space explorer as he explores and makes his way through the levels, it won’t be easy as the environments in the game are full of obstacles, and the only way to overcome them is to manipulate the environments and create a safe passage for the little explorer, the game features multiple levels for you to explore, each one of the surreal structures comes with a variety of designs that you can manipulate, you’ll encounter mind boggling puzzles, optical illusions and many more…they’ll even defy the laws of physics at some point, you can turn the structures left and right, up or down and watch new passage ways open up for you, indeed, this is going to be one mind boggling puzzle adventure you’ll never forget so come on and join the fun, play the game and see how far you can go to help Evo the explorer, conquer a world of illusions where your imagination is the only limit here in Evo Explores.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics in the game look quite stunning, the character design is very simple though, the main character looks small and really cute, the character details isn’t also very high, it doesn’t feature any complex robotic designs but the main character still managed to really look nice and pretty, the environments on the other hand are great, the different levels feature different beautifully designed 3D structures, and each one of them can be manipulated in so many ways to get the desired results, colors are also great in this game, the structures and the environments have very nice sharp colors that make them really vivid and bright…the game really looks soft to the eyes and very nice to look at, movements are animations are smooth too, simple but really smooth as can be experienced when you start playing the game, the game music is also nice, quite simple and absorbing really and the sound effects on the other hand are quite subtle which is really great as this is a puzzle game and you need to concentrate to solve those mind boggling puzzles, special effects are very simple though, nothing extraordinary or spectacular, but you wouldn’t really mind as you’ll be more concerned with the puzzles the game throws at you, overall, the game looks great, really very nice and beautiful from the structural to the environmental designs.


As mentioned earlier, the game plays just like Monument Valley, and if you have played that game before, you’ll certainly be very comfortable here, the main task in the game is to get to the exit of the level, there will be obstructions such as gaps, walls, and many more, this is where you need to manipulate the structures, twist them and align them to the right position to open up a safe passage for your character and get him to the exit.


Evo Explores features a variety of levels for you to play through, each level will contain a variety of puzzles for you to solve and it has simple and easy tap and swipe controls for more fun.


Great game, I truly enjoyed the puzzles, you really need to employ your imagination here as the solution is just right there in front of you, if you enjoyed Monumental Valley, you’ll probably like this one too.



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