Energy Billionaire Android – Money Tycoon Games ᴴᴰ”>

Energy Billionaire Android – Money Tycoon Games ᴴᴰ”>

Energy Billionaire is Money Tycoon Games for the true defenders of nature. There are nine different sites in the Valley of Power Plants – these are deposits of unique renewable energy sources. The sun, water, wind, gas, coal, oil and many other natural resources are used to build plants for the production, collection, and sale of the clean energy.

One of the greatest inventions of mankind is electricity because it is impossible to imagine modern life without it. At the same time, this resource is a very specific product. Its main characteristic is the coincidence of the time of production and consumption.

Energy cannot be put in storage and wait for suitable conditions for use. No, the idea of “here and now” is only important!
That’s why the main goal of every player is to keep the planet and save nature from the harmful emissions into the environment. In Energy Billionaire everyone can become a real energy tycoon and help the world to find the harmony!

Energy Billionaire functions:

1) Build unique power stations on nine different sites.
2) Upgrade your power plants! You will need drawings for this purpose that can be found on the sites or ordered at the Scientific Center. Some of them are very rare, so finding them will not be easy! But you can always visit the in-game shop and buy the missing piece of the puzzle.
3) Hire workers to increase your income and produce even more electricity.
4) If you want to get more profit, track the changes in the efficiency index mode and make the right decisions to increase it.
5) Invite your Facebook friends to play together! Hire them as workers at your power plants and give them gifts! Compete in the amount of energy produced and find out who will become a real power tycoon!
6) Producing as much energy as possible and using the “Recycle it!” function – doubles your income!
7) Take part in the “Trading Day”, sell your power plants and get shares. Do not be afraid to take risks! It’s the only way you can build modern power plants and produce green electricity. Help nature and humanity to live in harmony!

Genre(s) : Simulation
Subcategories : Money Tycoon Games
Size : 62 MB
Date Released : 2018-02-23
Platforms: Android
Developed By : Macro Games SA
Languages : English
Requirements: 4.1 and up

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App Store Link : SOON

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