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Play your role as a mighty knight or a powerful wizard that is willing to fight the force of evil. Travel through different locations to defeat enemies here in Dungeon Quest; a cute 3D mobile game with role playing elements. Select what character you want and then start the mission from dungeon to dungeon. Each dungeon has a boss you must defeat. Before you can reach these boss monsters, you must fight waves of other minions and monsters along the way. Be sure to pick up the items and equip your character with new weapons. Your character can also level up and you can add stat points to raise their parameters.

Android – https://goo.gl/v4w6fR
iOS – https://goo.gl/QPJRhB


Dungeon Quest features an action packed rpg type of gameplay that has you exploring randomly generated dungeon in search for loot and fierce battles to become the most powerful warrior of all, there are 3 character classes that you can choose from, like wizard, warrior and rogue, each one of them having their own unique weaponry, skills and special abilities, you need to fight your way across numerous dungeons, each one designed to test your fighting skills, there will be a variety of enemies you need to face off, like monsters and beasts to name a few, it will be a challenge but it will be rewarding, fortunately, there are a lot of weapons available for you to use in the game, each one of these weapons have their own set of skills for you to develop, aside from the weapon skill sets, your character also has attributes that can be leveled up with the stat points you receive every time you level up, like health, power and mana, indeed, your character will be well equipped to face the threats that you will encounter in the dungeons, but you can’t be too confident here though as there are also boss battles besides the regular monsters that you will encounter in the dungeons, and if your character isn’t properly optimized, the bosses will stomp on you and crush you to bits and pieces, so are you up to the challenge?, play the game and find out for yourself here in Dungeon Quest.

Graphics and Sound

Dungeon Quest features stunning graphics for you to behold, the character designs that the game has are quite awesome with cartoony looks and very high details, they look rather cute too, the environments are also very pretty, each one of the randomly generated dungeons have unique designs that are truly pretty and look different compared to the other dungeons, the colors in the game are great by the way, everything really looks sharp and vivid from the characters to the environments, the animations are smooth too, making the combat really exciting and fun, every part that moves really have nice and fluid animations, the music and sounds in the game are also great, the game’s soundtrack is very nice to listen to and kinda excites you when playing the game while the sound effects are truly varied and abundant that there is never a dull moment in the game, special effects are spectacular, the visuals are really flashy when the battle begins, overall, the game looks really stunning no matter how you look at it.


Dungeon Quest is your typical role playing game where you will be exploring a lot of dungeons and battling a lot of enemies, there are a lot of weaponry to acquire and a lot of different skills for you to develop, the key to the game is in the leveling up of the characters, their weapons and skill sets, the further you progress in the game, the harder it will become, and if your character is not well equipped and doesn’t have the optimal stats, you won’t get very far and you’ll find yourself getting mauled very often.


Dungeon Quest has very beautiful graphics and designs, there are a lot of randomly generated levels for you to explore, lots of weapons and lots of skills for you to develop, and the game uses very simple controls to make it more fun to play.


Dungeon Quest is really fun and quite stunning, but it is quite a challenge too, if you enjoy role playing games, you should definitely check out this one.


Download Dungeon Quest Game (Android & iOS)

Free Dungeon Quest Game (Android & iOS)