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Dungeon Hunter 4 Game (Android & iOS) Free

Enter the dungeons again for the fourth time with new monsters to defeat. Gather your strength to fight them here in Dungeon Hunter 4 – a cool 3D role playing game with lots of features. Select from the four classes available before you start your journey: Battlworn, Blademaster, War Mage, and Sentinel. Each of these classes has their own unique set of skills that will affect the way you fight. Discover new dungeons and slay monsters using your cool skills. The game also features upgrade system for your character. Test your character and join the multiplayer system against other player around the world.

Android – https://goo.gl/kT4yvZ
iOS – https://goo.gl/dzzG9T


Dungeon Hunter 4 features an intense action packed rpg where you will be battling huge armies of evil creatures and other monstrosities, it has been told that the demon race have been defeated a long time ago and has long been forgotten by the people through the passing of time, they were wrong, they just stayed dormant for centuries and now they are finally awake and determined to exact their own brand of revenge against the humans, this is where the adventure begins, you will take control of a hero and have to fight the ancient enemies and defeat them once and for all to keep them from ever ravaging the Kingdom of Valenthia for good, the game features a total of 4 classes of warriors for you to choose from, each one of them featuring their own combat styles and set of weaponry for you to use, you can even craft or imbue their weapons with magical powers and upgrade their individual skills, there are also tons of loot that you can collect and use according to your liking, and if you ever get tired of playing solo, you can always go online for some multiplayer action, PvP battles, and even team Deathmatch against other players all over the world, it’s going to be an epic adventure indeed…one that you can’t afford to lose as peoples lives are at stake here in Dungeon Hunter 4.

Graphics and Sound

Graphics look marvelous, from the character design all the way to the environments, the characters in the game look great, they have very nice details and look really pretty, their looks are also quite diverse, from the playable characters to the enemies…especially those big bad ass bosses in the game, they really look mean and menacing, the game environments are also very pretty, all of the 35 dungeons available for you to play in the game features some stunning architectural designs that will take your breath away, the details are also very high making the intricate designs even more beautiful, colors are also great, everything looks quite vibrant all throughout the game, the movements and animations are also cool, character movements are smooth and fluid, music is quite engaging too and the sound effects are very diverse, lots of battle sounds during the game, the special effect on the other hand is also stunning, weapon and special abilities have beautiful visuals when used, overall, the game is graphically splendid, everything is looking great from start to finish.


It is an action packed hack and slash dungeon crawler first and foremost, you’ll be battling all types of demons throughout the game,before you start playing, you will be given a chance to choose your character from blademaster, battleworn, sentinel and warmage, each one of this warriors have their own fighting style so choose wisely, the weapons and gear are also very important here, the cooler your gears are, the more powerful your heroes become, controls are also simple and easy to use, there is a virtual joystick on the left to control movement and on the right are the attack buttons and special abilities.


Dungeon Hunter 4 features some very pretty graphical designs and presentation, there are 4 classes of characters available for you to play, a total of 35 dungeons for you to explore and beat and it has simple controls for maximum fun.


Very nice game indeed, I totally enjoyed the battles here, I particularly like it when I already have the more powerful weapons and abilities, the evil creatures didn’t have a chance, check it out guys, this is so much fun.


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Free Dungeon Hunter 4 Game (Android & iOS)

Dungeon Hunter 4 Game (Android & iOS) Android

Dungeon Hunter 4 Game (Android & iOS) iOS