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Download DUMB WAY TO DIE 2 THE GAME https://goo.gl/QRBn49
Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games By Metro Trains Melbourne Pty Ltd

What’s New in Version 1.7
Four more Dumb Ways to Die characters have come out of hiding and star in all new mini-games!

DO OR DRY – Slow-witted Bungle is hiding in a clothes dryer but someone’s started the machine! Stop the machine before it’s too late!
BAT ATTACK – Help Doomed avoid the drug dealer’s wrath after scratching his brand new car.
KILL PILL – Make sure Pillock picks the right bottle of medicine or suffer the consequences.
KIDNEY BEAN – Dunce sold his kidneys on the internet for extra cash. Stitch him up before he bleeds to death!

iMessage Stickers: Get eight free stickers of your favourite dim-witted friends.

Mini-game tweaks, bug fixes and performance enhancements.

We’ll be back soon with new Dumb Ways – thanks for playing!


Dumb Ways is going to Rio!

Beaches, football, dancing, martial arts… and a brand new character joins the crew! Rio Stadidumb includes:

Capybara Capoeira
Do the ginga with the world’s largest, cutest, and most deadly serious martial rodent.

Complicated Coffee Making
Don your barista moustache and flick the knobs! Can you master the espresso in the land of the coffee bean, or will your eyes melt off your face?

Cocky Carioca
Samba time! But first you’ll need some feathers for your costume, hmmm…

Plus: Tan Line Trauma, Rattle Shake Mistake, Fancy Football Flop, Lost Tribe Discovery and Yeti Waxing*

* Yes there are yetis in Brazil. They’re tourists. They want to look their best for the beach.

And remember, stay safe around toucans.