Duck Fight Android

Duck Fight Android

Duck Fight by Lycan AS . (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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This game will take you back to the days when you where young hanging over that arcade machine. You will have the time of your life playing our retro Duck Fight!

Swipe up or down to dodge barrels and knifes. Swipe left or right to kick the swedish Chef’s big butt. Sound easy right?!…ARRRRrrrrrg! You could not be more wrong.

◉ Tons of Chef’s trying to make a meal out of you
◉ Crazy Chef’s with large vehicles
◉ Plenty of knifes and barrels
◉ The strangest cheering crowd on the planet
◉ A really annoying audio soundtrack
◉ Retro scan lines for you old people
◉ Did we mention all the knifes and barrels?
◉ This game is insane and with no meaning
◉ No mercy gameplay
◉ Quick reflexes motor
◉ Challenge your friends on the leaderboard

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Have Fun!

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