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You don’t want to let the nightmares reach your master. Be sure to defend him at all costs in this defense style shooting mobile game called Dream Defense. The mission here is to shoot down all the scary monsters and objects that will appear on the screen. You will have a gauge how long the the attacks goes. Once the gauge reaches the morning time, the final wave will come to an end. As you progress to the higher levels, you will be able to unlock new guns or weapons. There are other items or power-ups that you can unlock to help you on each mission.

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Dream Defense is an exciting and fun filled action packed game where you need to control a gun toting teddy bear to save Robin, his playmate, from the creatures that go bump in the night, these creatures are spooky and eerie and are always trying to invade her dreams when ever Robin goes to sleep, you can shoot, freeze and blast these ugly creatures to smithereens, you’ll be armed with a wide array of weapons, each one of which are very powerful and upgradable to make them more effective against these evil creatures, besides the weapons in the game, there are also a lot of powerups available for you to use, game changers if I may say so as they are really helpful in getting your character out of tight situations, indeed, the teddy bear is armed to the teeth, you’ll have a lot of weapons in your arsenal to defeat the evil creatures and make sure Robin gets a pleasant dream every time she goes to sleep, so are you up to the challenge?, join the adventure and help our little stuffed hero in defeating the creatures of the night, and help keep Robin a good night sleep here in Dream Defense.

Graphics and Sound

Dream Defense has beautiful graphics, it has cartoon styled presentations and highly detailed, the character designs are awesome, although cartoony in looks, the enemies in the game look ghastly and menacing that looks just like a nightmare, environments are nice too, details are nice and designs are pretty, colors are also great, the is such variety that the game looks bursting with lush and vivid colors all throughout, animations are also smooth, the character, the enemies and the projectiles move fluidly when the game starts, everything was animated perfectly which makes the game fun to play, music and sounds are also great, the in game soundtrack is very nice and the sound effects are cool, making the game have this eerie look and feel, special effects are also great, the special visuals associated with the weapons look flashy during combat, overall, the game is really looking great from the graphical point of view, the nightmarish designs certainly make this one more exciting to play.


Dream Defense as mentioned earlier is an action packed shooter where you need to control the bear, the main goal is to save Robin from the evil creatures and entities from invading her dream and causing nightmares, you’will be armed with a wide variety of weapons and powerups and you’ll be slugging it out with the spooky creatures all night long, the game by the way is not all offense, it also features a lot of defensive equipment like pencils that serve as barricades and even lamps that destroys the evil creatures from afar, the game also requires a bit of strategy, it is always advantageous to find the enemy’s weakness before launching an attack, controls are simple here by the way, all it takes are taps to control the game or launch an attack.


Dream Defense features cool shooting action using all kinds of weaponry, it has beautifully designed graphics with a pretty straightforward gameplay, there are a lot of weapons and upgrades in the game, some are defensive and some are offensive, not to mention the cool powerups available for you to use, and most of all, the game has simple and intuitive controls for you to use.


Dream Defense is quite fun and exciting as the enemies in the game are quite eerie and nightmare like, there are also a lot of weapons and power ups in it that will help you out in your nightly battles, check it out…this sure is fun.


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