Dr. Slandrine Night Jumpscare Simulator (by Nicholee Breyman)

Download Dr. Slandrine Night Jumpscare Simulator (by Nicholee Breyman) for Android


Next chapter of Dr. Slandrine Night Jumpscare scary game! Defend yourself against Dr. Slandrine appearance and even worse creatures hiding in the shadows! Welcome to the nightmare safeguarding yourself until the morning comes! Open or close the doors and switch on the light not to let corrupted animatronics attack you! Check the cameras and close the doors to protect yourself from the fierce Dr. Slandrine.

Game features:
– Lot of jumpscares
– Enemy AI that can trap you
– Cool sound effect that can be entertained when you using headphones
– Bomb effect and unthinkable camera jumpscare

Rule 1: Survive your way for all nights until 6am, checking cameras and closing the doors.
Rule 2: The battery power is consumed (with the use of cameras, lights, bombs and doors closed).
Rule 3: You need to close the door in the room where the Dr. Slandrine stay.
Rule 4: The bomb used for send back and stunning animatronic to the starting point. Use it wisely!
Rule 5: The bom consume 10 energy!
Rule 7: You have to be calm. Good Luck!!!


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