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The devils are hunting you down. But with your new power or irremovable curse, you can now strike back to defeat them all in this fast-paced action mobile game called Devil Eater. The mission given to you here is to shoot all the demons and other monsters that will come at you. Spam the bullets before they can even land a hit at you. But this game isn’t just about offense. IT also features a defense system where you can guard the enemy’s attack and execute a counterattack. Try to perform counterattacks so you can unleash a powerful special attack.

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Devil Eater is an action packed frantic shooter where you will be fighting against the devil in its most evil form. The story goes that after you have been cursed by the death of Elise with evil powers and now its payback time, you need to hunt down the evil abominations and exact your revenge…purge them so to speak, it won’t be a walk in the park though as the evil creatures are also quite powerful, and if you don’t time your offensive and defensive weapons properly, it will just go to waste. The game features 5 locations or cities you need to purge or cleanse by the way, each one of these cities contain multiple waves of evil creatures with only one intention…it is to kill you and claim your soul, no worries though as there are a lot of cool weaponry at the shops, there are a variety of dual pistols for you to use, each one of them featuring their very own attributes and upgrades. There are also some special skills available for you to learn, and if you use them wisely and strategically, you might just survive the onslaught of evil creatures and face off with the final boss at the end, so lock and load, blast those evil abominations back to hell and find out the mystery of Elise here in Devil Eater.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics look fine, it is in 2D and kinda cartoony, but the character designs are quite awesome though, the main character looks great, even the enemies look kinda cool with their hellish designs. The character details are also high, even at such a small size, you can still see some intricate designs in their weapons and costumes. The environments are great too, the game looks rather dark with some cool designs both on the foreground and on the backdrops, the colors are also nice, most colors used are rather dark but an occasional bright color bursts every now and then giving it a nice contrast in colors. Movements and animations are also very nice, they are generally fluid and smooth all throughout the game. Music is great by the way, it sounded kinda exciting and bombastic which makes the game even more fun while sound effects are certainly varied and quite explosive, lots of battle sounds resonate when combat starts. Special effects are also gorgeous, weapon fire and explosions are flashy and bright made even cooler by the rather dark design of the game. Overall, it is very pretty indeed, designs are awesome and presentations are really cool.


It is a frantic shooter and it is non stop and chaotic, your character will be positioned on the left and your enemies will come from the right, it will be easy at first but it will get quite tough fast, the key is in the stronger weapons and special skills, but they cost a lot of coins, make sure to rack up enough coins for those all too important weapons and upgrades later on. Control is quite easy too, on the left is a shield button for defense and on the right is the shoot button.


Devil Eater features a non stop frantic shooting action, it has awesome graphics and designs, there are a variety of cool weapponry to use with a lot of upgrades available, there are also special skills that you can learn, and there are 5 locations for you to cleanse.


The game is really fun, I enjoyed this one a lot, if you like frantic shooters, this game is just right for you. Try it, you won’t regret it.


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