Desert Legacy (by Demium Games Labs)

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Long forgotten, powerful kingdom ruled by sands and glided through the clouds. Flying over the dunes, they whispered to the ground and released power under themselves. But something happened, and now their ashes lie between the sand. And now the new sail is drifting again on the dunes.

Discover Desert Legacy!

Surf between the ruins of an ancient city, avoid debris and reach as far as possible. Many walls will make it difficult for you, but if you control the wind, nothing will be against your progress. Feel the sand between your fingers and become a desert storm, cover the whole earth and avoid the ruins. Look for ancient runes! They are waiting for you, long forgotten and buried, with the power of ascension.

Desert Legacy lets you drift between the dunes of the infinite desert, as long as your control allows it. Surfing between the ancient ruins of a forgotten kingdom, there is only desert, debris and you. The endless and relaxing Desert Legacy teleports you directly over the buried heritage of lost governments. Collect all the golden tears and use them to unlock the skins, collect all daily runes and collect your price. Focus and let the wind be your guide, the only obstacle is you. Fight your place with the stars! Be the best among your friends! Unlock Legacy of the Desert!     – Surf the sands and avoid the ruins. Do not hit obstacles!     – Recover golden tears, unlock new aspects!     – Collect milk ruins falling from the sky once a day.     – Unlock all skins, each one different from the rest and better in their own way.     – Feel aesthetics and discover the relaxing world of Desert Legacy.     – Discover the secret between the sands, discover the hidden history.     – Wait for new FREE content!