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Drive your way to survival as you shoot down our enemies from each corner of the road. It’s an intense battle in this fast-paced driving and shooting mobile game called Death Tour – Racing Action Game. Go campaign mode and select any available missions on the screen. The focus here is to drive your car and shoot all the enemy vehicles that you will encounter. The game features different weapons on the area that you can pick up and use it against your enemies. Not only that, you get to unlock other cars as you progress and win on the missions.

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Death Tour is an action packed combat racing game designed in the tradition of Carmageddon, Twisted Metal, Flatout, Madmax and many more, if you like such games, you’ll definitely like this one as it plays very much like them, you’ll take on the role of a driver here, and you need to deliver precious cargo to its destination, you need to be careful though as there are a lot of enemies on the road, once you get your vehicle on the street, the enemies will start hunting you down, they are quite relentless and will only stop when you get to your destination successfully, fortunately, you will be given a wide array of vehicles to choose from, complete with upgrades of your choice, like engines, frames and body kits that are truly unique and especially designed for every vehicle ranging from muscle cars, trucks, sports cars and even hippie vans, you’ll also have a variety of sick weapons in your arsenal, choose your favorite weapon, drive your car through the dangerous streets and shoot everything that moves, build a reputation for yourself and work your way up in the criminal world, indeed, it’s a dog eat dog world out there, if you don’t kill your enemies, they’ll blow you up for sure.

Graphics and Sound

Game has stunning graphics, the designs are quite awesome, I just love the cars in the game, you can pimp them out anyway you want, you can install the toughest parts and the sickest weapons, environments are pretty too, the different locations have a lot of structures in them with very high details, colors are great, they look vivid and sharp and really pretty to look at, animations are also cool, it is generally smooth all throughout inspite of the fabulous special effects in the game, music and sounds are great, the game soundtrack is cool and certainly adds to the excitement, sound effects are cool too, the engine sounds are quite realistic, and you’ll hear a lot of weapon fire and explosions in the game, special effects are awesome, you can see the cars getting beat up in real time, you’ll see damages to your car and the enemy cars as the battle ensues, overall, the game is wonderful in designs and presentations.


Death Tour is not all driving and shooting, it is story driven, although quite simple, the story is quite nice and makes the game more exciting as you’ll have something to follow throughout the adventure, at the start of the game, you’ll be using the default vehicle, it’s not so cool really but soon enough, you’ll earn enough cash to buy cooler cars, upgrades and some really powerful weapons that you can use against your enemies, the game is quite a challenge though, even if you have the coolest car and the sickest weapons, don’t forget, your opponents cars are just as fast and just as powerful, you’ll need skills here…driving and combat…if you only rely on your machine, you won’t last very long, your enemies will blast you to smithereens for sure.


Game features an action packed combat racing, there are a lot of vehicles available, a lot of unique upgrades for each of the vehicles, and a lot of weapons available, each one of them designed for total destruction, it has stunning graphics and physics based damage system to make it more exciting and fun to play.


Death Tour is really fun to play, the driving and the combat is really intense, the enemies relentless, I had a hard time destroying enemy cars but I had a great time, I played the game to the end and it was fun all throughout.


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